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When It Comes to Safety Without a Zero Goal and Vision, Our Fo...

Recently, I was watching a safety leadership discussion. The discussion was engaging and designed to compel the audience to make safety a priority.In the safety speech, the keynote speaker asked the audience, how many people here think an Accident Free Workplace is possible? Only about 10% raise their hand. Why do you think that was? The answer was

You Have Options When Designing Large Storm Sewer Systems!

When it comes to designing large storm sewer conveyance systems, did you know there are alternatives to reinforced box culverts?   For years, Contech has worked with engineers and agencies across the country on finding efficient and effective ways to move stormwater.   Traditionally, you may be used to defaulting to concrete when looking at larger

Examining Stone Void Space Part 2: How To Minimize the Relianc...

In part one of this series (Is 40% a Reliable Number?), we examined new research that showed the generally accepted number of 40% porosity (also hereby referred to as “stone voids”, and “void space”) within the stone backfill as available storage might not be a reliable number. To obtain a 96% reliability in stone storage, 36% stone void storage

Examining Stone Void Space Part 1: Is 40% a Reliable Number?

Stormwater detention systems often include a large portion of the storage volume within the voids of the backfill material. Depending on the underground structure design and size, allocated storage within the stone voids can vary between 25-60% of the overall storage for the project. The generally accepted number has been 40% stone void space.