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Things to Consider for Large Diameter Gravity Flow Thermoplast...

The need for large and ultra-large sanitary sewers is growing as community populations and conveyance flow requirements increase.  Many expert studies have estimated that the sanitary sewer market will grow at a 6% Combined Annual Growth Rate in the coming years.  With this growth, alternative materials such as thermoplastics are being designed

A Response to Frequently Asked Reline Questions

Trenchless Rehabilitation Solutions Continuing to address some of the recently asked questions regarding reline, I wanted to respond to a few other questions that may warrant a little more time and attention. I hope these responses prove helpful and aid in your next reline/rehabilitation project opportunity. Should you have any other questions on

Most Frequently Asked Question: How Do You Prevent Filterra Bi...

It's hard to believe, but it has been almost twenty years since Filterra bioretention was introduced as a high-flow stormwater treatment system. For those that don't know, Filterra is an engineered high-flow biofiltration/bioretention system that operates similar to traditional bioretention but with high flow rates in a much smaller

The Impaired Waters List Explained

If you are involved in any aspect of stormwater management, no doubt you have heard the phrase "impaired waters."  The determination and subsequent listing of a water body as impaired sets off a chain reaction of events affecting everyone who lives, works or recreates near the water body. But what is an impaired water body, and how does a water