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Contech HEL-COR pipe and pipe-arch is available with annular re-rolled ends or non-rerolled ends providing a variety of joint configurations.  For 3”x1” and 5”x1” HEL-COR pipe-arch, non-rerolled ends with flat or dimpled bands and flat gaskets are recommended.


Contech’s QUICK STAB Bell and Spigot joint speeds installation of corrugated metal pipe (CMP), reducing costs. With the QUICK STAB coupling system, installation of CMP storm sewers and culverts has never been easier or faster. QUICK STAB creates a bell and spigot joining system with the bell only 1"-1/2" larger than the pipe’s outer diameter. The bell is shipped to the job site ready for installation—the only field operation is placing a special fluted gasket onto the spigot end of the pipe, applying lubricant, and pushing it into the bell end of the preceding pipe. You can join pipe segments 50-90 percent faster - saving time and money.


Contech also offers the HUGGER Joint. This joint uses an annular corrugation to fully engage each annular pipe end for 360 degrees. When used with optional rubber O-ring gaskets, the HUGGER Joint is the industry’s tightest.

Other Joints

Contech offers are variety of other joint systems to meet your project needs including corrugated bands, flat bands, dimple bands; all available with a variety of gasket options.

H-6 HUGGER® Band

The H-6 HUGGER Band is a simple, low-cost coupling for helically corrugated pipe with rerolled annular ends. Like other HUGGER Bands, it offers simple, easy installation and excellent soil tightness, plus the added benefit of improved economy. It is available from 12-36” and can be furnished in galvanized steel, aluminum, polymeric-coated or as Aluminized Steel Type 2 for added corrosion resistance.

H-7 HUGGER® Band

This simple, low-cost coupling for helically corrugated steel pipe has rerolled annular ends. Simple to install, the H-7 provides excellent soil tightness. It is available for galvanized steel or Aluminized Steel Type 2.

H-12 HUGGER® Band

The H-12 HUGGER Bands are versatile, multi-purpose couplers for corrugated metal pipe. The H-12 HUGGER Band is designed to join HEL-COR Pipe and provide the necessary strength to meet the current AASHTO Joint and Performance Criteria for Standard Joints. HEL-COR Pipe ends are reformed with two annular corrugations, providing one locking corrugation for the HUGGER Band, plus a corrugation for an O-ring gasket when necessary. The H-12 is also used with 12”-wide flat gaskets. H-12 HUGGER Bands are available with any of CONTECH’s standard materials or coatings including plain galvanized, asphalt coated, Aluminized Steel Type 2, polymeric or aluminum.

H-13 HUGGER® Band

The H-13 HUGGER Band is a versatile, multi-purpose coupler for corrugated pipe. It is designed to join together 2 2/3” x 1/2” or 5” x 1” lock-seam HEL-COR Pipe and will provide the strength necessary to satisfy the current AASHTO Joint Performance Criteria for Standard Joints. The H-13 HUGGER Band is also designed to provide a joint that is reasonably watertight for 2 2/3” x 1/2” riveted SMOOTH-FLO Pipe.

Other Bands

Contech offers a variety of other joint systems to meet your project needs including corrugated bands, flat bands, dimple bands, and others upon special request.