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Streetsboro, Ohio

Stormwater Management




GPD Group 


Standard Contracting & Engineering


December 2023

Technical Description:

  • (3) Cascade® Separators
  • 1,442' of 60" Aluminumized Steel Type 2
With the establishment of a new Nestle Plant, compliance with local regulations necessitated the development of an efficient stormwater management system. Faced with limited land space, the Engineer of Record strategically opted for a practical and cost-effective solution, designing a system utilizing a corrugated metal pipe detention system and multiple Cascade Separators.

The detention system, comprising 1,442 feet of 60-inch diameter, aluminized, corrugated metal pipe, offers a substantial storage capacity of 28,314 cubic feet. To facilitate future maintenance, the system incorporates multiple risers for easy access.

Moreover, the installation features three Cascade hydrodynamic separators of varying sizes strategically positioned to effectively remove trash, debris, and sediment from stormwater before it enters the detention system.

Despite challenges posed by the unique site layout, inclement snowy and rainy conditions, and confined working space, the detention and treatment systems were successfully installed in approximately one week.

Reflecting on the project, Chris Smith, Field Superintendent at Standard Contracting & Engineering, expressed satisfaction, stating, "Overall, this project was a success. Contech was consistently available for communication, addressing any questions we had during the installation process. Their support, coupled with on-site visits, instilled confidence in our team. The prefabricated manifolds and bulkheads were particularly advantageous, ensuring a seamless installation process. While weather posed challenges, including cold and rainy conditions, we overcame these obstacles efficiently and completed the system installation promptly."

Technical Description:

  • (3) Cascade® Separators
  • 1,442' of 60" Aluminumized Steel Type 2

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