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AMPED Fitness

St. Petersburg, Florida

Stormwater Detention


Dabazzo Development


Avid Group LLC


Credence Development


Spring 2021

Technical Description:

  • 2,117' of 27" Aluminized Steel Type 2

AMPED Fitness added a new facility to their growing number of locations. The site was previously a furniture outlet. While this site presented opportunities, it needed to be brought to current water quality standards and required an underground solution to save space. The team selected a plastic chamber solution, with the manufacturer’s installed estimate playing a significant role in the decision.

While preparing their bid, Credence Development contacted Contech to explore a more cost-effective solution. Having developed a proposal for the project, the Contech team was familiar with it and presented the same 27” perforated pipe solution previously proposed. The contractor considered the material price and other factors and found Contech's solution offered several advantages, including:

  • 25% smaller footprint allowing for a simplified layout & reduced scope of work
  • 43% less stone backfill leading to direct material cost savings
  • faster installation by eliminating the base stone and that entire installation step
  • elimination of 4 junction structures. Contech's solution uses integrated stubs and risers

Considering the above, Credence Development presented their price to purchase and install Contech perforated pipe solution and the same for the specified plastic chambers. Based on the figures prepared by a contractor committing to perform the work, the project team found the Contech solution to be more cost effective, contrary to the manufacturer’s previous estimates. The substantial cost difference led to a change in their project’s design.

Working with Contech was a substantial reason why Credence Development won the project and is a perfect example of how Contech’s expertise brings value to engineers, contractors and owners. 

Technical Description:

  • 2,117' of 27" Aluminized Steel Type 2

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