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EZ-Loc™ Secondary Containment

EZ-Loc™ Secondary Containment

A secondary containment system provides an essential line of defense in the event of a failure of a primary liquid containment system, such as a bulk storage container, mobile container, pipes or other liquid-filled operational storage.

Contech Engineered Solutions provides a unique, patent-pending solution with a slide and lock wedge-design. The EZ-Loc™ is a secondary containment system that is a fast, bolt-free assembly process for simple on-site installs. In addition, the unique mobility allows you to take it wherever the job takes you!


  • Standard height – 36”
  • Configurable lengths based on standard length panels of – 4’, 8’ and 16’
  • 16-gage panels
  • Weight per linear foot – 5 lb


This advanced secondary containment system requires no bolts – just a revolutionary slide and lock pin-design. A two to three man crew can easily set up within hours allowing them to move on to the next jobsite.

  • Bolt-free design
  • Simple assembly and above-ground installation for active measures of secondary containment
  • No power tools required in assembly
  • Durable, galvanized steel finish
  • Scalable for various site-constraints – helping to maintain your project containment requirement
  • Minimal ground disturbance
  • Reusable

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Secondary Containment

Liquid hazardous materials such as petroleum products, antifreeze, and solvents can present a threat to soil, ground water, and surface water if accidentally spilled or leaked. Help meet the Spill Prevention Countermeasure and Controls (SPCC) regulations utilizing the EZ-Loc™ Secondary Containment System.

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