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Rain Gardens Not Permitted?

Current stormwater design guidance typically recommends starting with preservation of the natural landscape and hydrology wherever feasible. But, even with preservation, new stormwater management facilities are likely to be required to capture and clean runoff from pollution generating surfaces. These new stormwater facilities are likely to include imported soil or soil amendments that add permeability and/or optimize soil structure for vegetative growth. For many years, the industry has characterized media in vegetated facilities generically as soil, sand, compost, etc.

Leaves, Trees, and Stormwater BMPs: Designing with Maintenance in Mind
Preserving large trees as runoff interceptors is an integral part of low impact development as well as incorporating trees and vegetation in filtration beds, rain gardens, and bioretention systems. These systems are extremely beneficial and provide essential functions of the natural landscape: infiltration, evaporation, transpiration, interception, and shading.
Stormwater Policy Integration – Is it Getting Any Easier?
Stormwater policy is put in place to control non-point source pollution and is usually tied to the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permit (NPDES). Implementation tends to take a while – not for a lack of desire to protect our water resources, but because it is often challenging to integrate stormwater policy through the existing local political structure. Planning and zoning codes, public work drainage infrastructure requirements, and public health and safety standards (to name a few) can all potentially be affected by changes to stormwater policy.

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