The Low Impact Development (LID) Site Planner is a free, web based tool intended to guide you in preliminary selection of the most effective and likely to be approved stormwater control measures that are technically feasible given known site constraints.

Benefits of the tool include:

  • A fast, easy to use tool that follows a Low Impact Development (LID) design approach and is consistent with regulations that prioritize Green Infrastructure
  • Helps minimize the cost and delay of redesigns by prompting users to consider a wide range of common site constraints early in the design process
  • Captures specific site conditions precluding the use of infeasible BMPs
  • Allows flexibility to select flow through treatment controls where runoff reduction is not feasible
  • Provides a summary report with links to design guides, standard details and specifications for stormwater management approaches that are likely to be feasible and approved on the project

Please click here to see a sample report from the new LID Site Planner.