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Shallow Profile Enhanced Solids Removal

The Vortechs system’s swirl concentrator and flow controls work together to create a low energy environment, ideal for capturing and storing fine particles and other pollutants of concerns. With comprehensive lab and field testing, the system delivers proven results and site-specific solutions

Vortechs Hydrodyamnic Seperator

The Vortechs system is a high-performance hydrodynamic separator that effectively removes finer sediment (e.g. 50-microns (μm), oil, and floating and sinking debris. The swirl concentration operation and flow controls work together to minimize turbulence and provide stable storage of captured pollutants. VortechsPrecast models can treat peak design flows up to 30-cfs (850-L/s); cast-in-place models handle even greater flows. A typical system is sized to provide a specific removal efficiency of a predefined particle size distribution (PSD).

With the Vortechs system you'll get:

Shallow, Low-Profile System

  • Easy and more cost-effective installation, especially on sites with high groundwater or bedrock

Effective Solids Removal

  • Large swirl chamber – Enhances very fine particle removal (down to 50 microns)
  • Flow controls reduce inflow velocity and increase residence time
  • Largest treatment zone surface area of any hydrodynamic system available
  • Typical system sized to provide an 80% load reduction (based on laboratory-verified removal efficiencies for varying particle size distributions)

Easy Maintenance

  • Unobstructed access to stored pollutants

Proven Performance

  • Backed by third-party field tests
  • Laboratory and field test results available on the ‘Documents’ tab


To view documents simply click on (+) before the folder to view contents, then double click document file to open.

Hydrodynamic Separators for Inlet and Outlet Pollution Control

Vortech Outlet ProtectionKeep trash and debris out of your lakes, streams and oceans by installing one of our hydrodynamic separators at the inlet or outlet of your drainage system.  Our systems - which include the CDS,  Vortechs, and VortSentry HS - are most effective on sediments, trash and debris, and oil and grease.

Hydrodynamic Separation for Water Quality

CDS Water QualityOur hydrodynamic separation products (including the CDS, Vortechs, and VortSentry HS) are reliable, easy to install, and offer high-performance, proven, stormwater pollutant removal. The systems are widely accepted for effective solids removal and can be designed to achieve your site treatment goals - including TMDL requirements for TSS and trash.

Treating Stormwater on Industrial Sites with Hydrodynamic Separation

Stormwater Treatment IndustrialOur stormwater treatment systems can be utilized on industrial sites and are able to comply with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) industrial stormwater permits. We have over a decade of experience in the industrial stormwater treatment market, and can provide reliable, flexible and cost-effective solutions to meet environmental permit requirements. Our hydrodynamic separation systems target solids and trash and debris, and can be an effective pretreatment system prior to a filtration system.

Pretreating with HDS Systems

CDS PretreatmentOur hydrodynamic separation systems - CDS, Vortechs and VortSentry HS - installed as pretreatment can ultimately improve runoff reduction over time by reducing loading to bioretention and extend maintenance intervals by removing sediment before bioretention.

Vortechs Case Studies
Germantown Mill Lofts
Germantown Mill LoftsLouisville, Kentucky
RiverparkOxnard, California
Super One Grocery Store
Super One Grocery StoreSuperior, Wisconsin
T.F. Green Airport
T.F. Green AirportWarwick, Rhode Island
Stonefield Retail Center
Stonefield Retail CenterCharlottesville, Virginia
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