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UrbanGreen™ BioFilter

UrbanGreen™ BioFilterRunoff Reduction and Treatment in One System

When large scale infiltration and harvesting are not practical, biofiltration can provide a high level of treatment and partial runoff reduction capability above and beyond tradition designs. Many regulators may favor biofiltration before traditional designs are considered.


Filtration and Biological Treatment in One System

UrbanGreen BioFilter

Where stormwater runoff mitigation goals can’t be met through infiltration and rainwater harvesting, biofiltration can provide a high level of treatment and partial reduction of runoff volume. The UrbanGreen BioFilter is a compact, versatile and reliable alternative to conventional designs.

The UrbanGreen BioFilter soil media is optimized for pollutant removal, hydraulic conductivity and biological vitality. Pollutants are primarily removed by filtration during a storm event and are transformed, assimilated and/or absorbed between runoff events by the soil and plant community. The UrbanGreen BioFilter may also include one or more StormFilter cartridges which provide reliable pollutant removal for the portion of the design storm that exceeds the capacity of the biofilter bay.

What you get with the UrbanGreen BioFilter:

  • Two well-known and accepted practices in one system – Bioretention and media filtration
  • Proven removal capability – Lab results show >95% solids removal (mean particle size 25 um)
  •  Full-scale hydraulic testing – No scour observed at flows up to 2 cfs, with higher capacity available
  • Internal bypass – Eliminates cost of an external bypass and enables the system to be placed anywhere on a site whether the location is a low point or not
  • Easy installation – Delivered on-site with all internal components installed, ready to lift and place
  • Multiple sizes available – Meet site-specific needs
  • Aesthetic landscape solutions – Variety of plants and trees to choose from

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Biofiltration for Water Quality Protection

BioFilter for Water QualityUse the UrbanGreen™ BioFilter to create the small-scale, decentralized treatment required in LID designs. Multiple units in a parking lot or along roadways will create several drainage areas providing treatment throughout your site. Filtration through a deep media bed provides a high level of treatment and some runoff reduction. Open top systems with trees or shrubs provide more landscaping options.

Biofiltration Pretreatment

A-2026 for SanitaryInstall the UrbanGreen™ BioFilter upstream of a subsurface infiltration system, like perforated corrugated metal pipe (CMP), in order to expand runoff reduction capacity.

Increased Capacity Biofiltration

A-2026 for SanitaryAdd volume storage upstream of the UrbanGreen™ BioFilter to increase capacity of each unit. Our Slotted Drain can also extend the inlet capacity and inlet location for challenging drainage areas.

UrbanGreen BioFilter Case Studies
Grace Baptist Church
Grace Baptist ChurchSanta Clarita, California

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