<p>Rail Collector Pans</p>

Rail Collector Pans

Contech Collector Pans™ are an ideal solution for controlling soil contamination at rail sites. These all-steel pans and drains are easily installed on existing or new tracks to catch wastes such as spilled or leaking fuel, oils and chemicals, and other harmful pollutants


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Oil Collection for Rail Tracks

Typical applications are along fueling stations, ready tracks, tank car loading and unloading areas, washing facilities—anywhere that pollutants can drip from standing rail cars or other equipment. Their effectiveness has been proven in hundreds of installations for both railroads and industry.

Benefits of the Contech Collector Pans:

  • Available in a variety of materials to meet most application criteria
  • Simple installation–minimum track downtime
  • Modular system–if damaged, only damaged section needs to be replaced

Rail Collector Pans for Oil Collection

Collector Pans are a modular system of steel pans easily installed on existing or new tracks to catch spilled or leaking fuel, oils, greases and other pollutants.