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Stormwater Treatment

Removing pollutants from stormwater runoff is an important component of any stormwater management plan. Stormwater pollution - sediment, trash and debris, nutrients and metals - is one of the leading causes of water quality impairment we are facing today. There are a myriad of technologies available for treating runoff - and the right system for your site should be selected based on your local requirements, your target pollutant and specific site characteristics. As no two projects are the same, there is no one size fits all answer.

Our treatment projects are flexible and customizable - and are effective as either conventional end-of-pipe BMPs (best management practice) or small-scale decentralized IMPs (integrated management practices) in a low impact development (LID) design. Explore our technologies and products below.

Filtration SolutionsFilters can help you remove the most challenging pollutants from stormwater, including nutrients like phosphorus. Though the physics of filtration are the same, there are many variables to consider when designing a stormwater filtration system. It’s critical to use a balanced approach that incorporates hydraulics, longevity and performance.

Hydrodynamic Separation SolutionsHydrodynamic separators (swirl chamber type systems) were the initial underground water quality devices developed 20 years ago.  We've been there since the beginning - and our systems are widely accepted for effective solids removal. Especially efficient on gross solids, trash and debris, they are an optimal choice for pretreatment systems.

Featured Stormwater Treatment Systems

Stormwater Management StormFilter

Stormwater Management StormFilter®

Balances hydrualics, longevity and perforamance to to be the best stormwater filtration system available today.

StormFilter Vault

CDS System

Jellyfish™ Filter

An engineered Stormwater quality treatment technology featuring pretreatment and membrane filtration in a compact stand-alone system.

CDS System Screen Installation

CDS System


Patented screening technology for guarateed trash and debris removal even at high flows.

CDS System Screen Installation

DuroMaxx SRPE Detention System


Only shallow-profile system - easy installation on sites with high groundwater or bedrock.

Vortechs System Installation

CON/SPAN Concrete Arch Detention System

VortSentry® HS

Compact manhole footprint and pipe routing ideal for congested sites.

VortSentry HS Installation

Other Treatment Products


MFS Media Filtration System


Filter with sump for
sediment storage


Plastic trash racks
and debris cages

Triton Catch Basin Insert

Triton Catch Basin Inserts

First line of defense against
trash in storm drain systems


VortClarec Oil Water Separator


Oil / water separator
with coalescing media

Oil Stop Valve

Oil Stop Valve

Protect waterways from
oil or petroleum spills


Flow Control Products

Vortechs Flow Control Valves

Vortex Valves

Control the discharge flow rate from drainage, storage attenuation and infiltration systems

StormGate Flow Control

StormGate Flow Control

Reduce high energy flow of runoff prior
to water quality treatment system

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