Stormwater Treatment

Stormwater Treatment

Removing pollutants from stormwater runoff is an important component of any stormwater management plan. Stormwater pollution - sediment, trash and debris, nutrients, and metals - is one of the leading causes of water quality impairment we are facing today. There are numerous technologies available for treating runoff - and the right system for your site should be selected based on your local requirements, your target pollutant, and specific site characteristics. As no two projects are the same, there is no one size fits all answer.

Our treatment projects are flexible and customizable - and are effective as either conventional end-of-pipe BMPs (best management practice) or small-scale decentralized IMPs (integrated management practices) in a low impact development (LID) design.

Filters can help you remove the most challenging pollutants from stormwater, including nutrients like phosphorus. There are many variables to consider when designing a stormwater filtration system. It’s critical to use a balanced approach that incorporates hydraulics, longevity, and performance.

Hydrodynamic separators were the initial underground water quality devices developed 20 years ago.  We've been there since the beginning - and our systems are widely accepted for effective solids removal. Especially efficient on gross solids, trash and debris, they are an optimal choice for pretreatment systems.


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