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UrbanGreen™ Grass Paver

UrbanGreen™ Grass and Gravel PaversSurface infiltration for runoff reduction

The UrbanGreen™ Grass Paver plastic grid system is an innovative, ecologically sound solutions for permeable surfaces. Versatility, durability and ease of use are all engineered into the UrbanGreen Grass Paver for exceptional performance under extreme conditions.


Surface InfiltrationDurability at a competitive price.

An Innovative Grass Paver System

The UrbanGreen Grass porous paver system is a step above other plastic systems available on the market today. Years of dedication to design and testing have produced a lightweight plastic paver with unmatched strength and durability. The unique design of this permeable paving system creates a fully functional and cost-effective alternative to conventional paving.

A Low Impact Development Technique

Porous pavers are a well-known and accepted low impact development (LID) technique to reduce impervious surfaces and promote infiltration, by utilizing porous pavers on fire lanes, access roads, or other surfaces that see limited use. Some of the benefits of porous pavers include:

  • Reduction in runoff volume
  • Reduction in peak discharge rate
  • Groundwater recharge
  • Improved water quality
  • Reduction in heat island effect

Benefits of the UrbanGreen Grass Pavers:

  • Easy installation – conforms to irregular surfaces
  • 100% post manufactured recycled content
  • Incredible load bearing strength – over 6,700 psi capacity when filled
  • Protection of plant root zone system
  • Versatile design – surface infiltration and greenroof applications
  • Lightweight construction – cost effective to ship and install
  • Unique connection system – allows for expansion and contraction
  • Made in the USA


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Porous Pavers for Fire Lanes and Access Roads

UrbanGreen Grass and Gravel Paver LID DesignUse the UrbanGreen Grass Pavers to provide H-20 access roads without adding impervious surface to your development. They can be utilized on fire lanes, access roads and maintenance roads that see limited use. Meet H-20 loading with lower cost per square foot.

Porous Pavers for Green Roofs

UrbanGreen Grass and Gravel Paver for Green RoofsThe UrbanGreen Grass Pavers can provide lightweight volume storage to increase retention capacity of a green roof and adds aeration to the root zone for healthy plants.  The pavers reduce the overall cross section and weight of the green roof, which in turn reduces your material cost.  


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