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Keystone® Landscape Products

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Keystone LogoKeystone’s line of landscape products are affordable, easy to install and provide superior, natural stone aesthetics. Keystone landscape products are the most versatile on the market, providing unsurpassed durability and design flexibility.

Keystone Garden Wall®

Keystone Garden Wall A do-it-yourself retaining wall tradition, Keystone Garden Wall is the perfect choice for creating landscape walls up to 2’ (60 cm) high as well as tree rings, patio, lawn or sidewalk edging, and garden or flowerbed boarders. Utilizing the rear-lip alignment method, Garden Wall easily builds straight, curved or terraced walls to fit the contours of your yard. No special tools are required.

Legacy Stone®

Keystone Legacy Stone Enhance the beauty of your landscape with Keystone Legacy Stone. Perfect for the do-it-yourself homeowner, Legacy Stone‘s use of the rear lip connection eliminates the need for pins or mortar. Legacy Stone is ideal for the creation of small/medium retaining wall or structures, up to 36 inches high. Keystone Legacy Stone is known as “Rampart” in certain markets.

Keystone Country Manor®

Keystone  Country Manor Keystone Country Manor offers the appearance of rustic, hand-laid stone walls with the strength and ease of installation provided by the latest in dry-stacked, modular, pin-connected technology. With three finished sides on each unit, Country Manor offers endless building possibilities.

Keystone Stonegate Country Manor

Keystone Stonegate Country Manor Reminiscent of the walls found scatted throughout the European countryside, Keystone Stonegate Country Manor features a smooth, weathered stone appearance. Stonegate delivers all of the best features of the original Keystone Country Manor, with a refined look.

Country Cottage®

Keystone Country Cottage Whether for a castle or home, graceful curves, monumental corners and terraced walls are all part of the charm of Country Cottage. Random and rugged, yet blended with color and character, these high strength concrete units appear as natural stone. Assembly of the varying length Country Cottage units will result in a random layout, with the texture, color and appearance of an Old World stone wall.

Verazzo Stone®

Verazzo Stone Keystone Verazzo Stone is finished on two sides, allowing both 1- and 2-sided project designs. Verazzo Stone features a natural stone look without the natural stone price and enhances any outdoor décor with its natural colors, textures and design options.

Insignia Wall

Keystone Insignia Wall The Keystone Insignia Wall and Cap blend rustic and modern aesthetics for an attractive contemporary look. With an open core design, Insignia Wall is light weight and easy to install. Using Keystone’s modular pin connection technology insures that each unit is secure and properly aligned, adding to the strength and stability of you project. The double-sided Insignia Cap creates a seamless finish to your wall project.

Sedona Stone®

Keystone Sedona Stone With a natural appearance and earthy color blends, Keystone Sedona Stone will blend with any landscape. Lightweight and easy to handle, Sedona Stone is perfect for your do-it-yourself project. Its secure, interlocking design makes installation as easy as 1-2-3! No special tools are required. Sedona Stone is known as “Lodgestone” in certain markets.

Mini Unit

Keystone Mini Unit The Keystone Mini Unit is a great solution for smaller, non-critical applications. Easy to handle and easy to install, the 4” Mini Unit makes for an attractive retaining wall on its own or can be used as an accent when integrated with the 8" (200mm) high Standard or Compac units. The proportion and scale of the Mini Unit blends well with brick and ledge stone typically found in residential construction. The unit can also use as a 4” high cap unit to finish most wall installations. When used in this manner, the smooth top surface of the Mini Unit provides a project with the finished appearance of coping.

Palazzo Stone®

Palazzo Stone Featuring an attractive antique finish and earthy color blends, Keystone Palazzo Stone is a natural choice for adding beauty to your home or garden. Angled on both ends and finished on two sides, Palazzo Stone offers two unique face sizes on a single unit system allowing you to create a random look design from one pallet. Palazzo Stone is the perfect choice for small freestanding walls, parapet walls, curves and planters, as well as traditional retaining wall applications.

Potenzo Stone®

Keystone Potenzo Stone Rustic charm and unmatched flexibility make Keystone Potenzo Stone the perfect choice for updating your outdoor living space. A multi-piece system consisting of four unique units that are finished on two sides, Potenzo Stone offers you a truly random option with its eight unique face sizes. Ranging from 10 lbs. to 30 lbs. in weight, Potenzo Stone is ideal for the do-it-yourself customer wanting to create wall designs including 90° corners, small freestanding walls, parapet walls, pilasters and columns as well as traditional retaining walls.

Alameda® Patio Stone

Keystone Alameda The naturally weathered appearance of Keystone’s Alameda Patio Stone provides an element of customization to every walkway, patio or hardscape project. Using patented XeriStone® technology to create strong, interlocking joints, Alameda Patio offers quick and easy installation.

Canyon Stone®

Keystone Canyon Keystone Canyon Stone is distinctive in character and design creating a natural looking, one-of-a-kind space. Available in a smooth or slate finish and two different sizes (12” & 18”) Canyon Stone units can be used individually or combined to create a custom patio or walkway. Use of XeriStone® technology creates strong, interlocking joints, securing your outdoor space for years to come.

Insignia®Patio Stone

Keystone Insignia Insignia Patio offers the perfect combination of smooth and textured surfaces, creating an appealing contemporary look for patios and walkways. The 16”x16” square unit makes estimating and installation easy, maximizing efficiency.


SS Credit 5.1 – Site Development, Protect or Restore Habitat, 1 Point

Intent – Conserve existing natural areas and restore damaged areas to provide habitat and promote biodiversity.

Potential contribution: Retaining Wall Systems
  • Eliminate sloped transitions to reduce disturbed area
  • Increase vegetated footprint by enabling terraced landscapes
  • Use vertical cuts to replace steep erodible slopes


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