<p>Snap-Tite<sup>&reg;</sup> Solid-Wall HDPE Culvert Lining Pipe</p>

Snap-Tite® Solid-Wall HDPE Culvert Lining Pipe

Culvert rehabilitation using the Snap-Tite® Culvert Lining System is an intelligent, cost-effective solution. Snap-Tite rehabilitates a failing culvert lining system without the digging and replacing existing deteriorated pipe. The Snap-Tite Culvert Lining System should often outperform the host pipe it rehabilitates. Lightweight, flexible, durable HDPE has an indefinite service life, and the Snap-Tite culvert lining joining system assures a watertight seal at all joints.


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Snap-Tite® is manufactured by ISCO Industries, Inc. utilizing solid-wall high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE).  HDPE provides a smooth interior surface delivers better throughput and with the inclusion of a gasket, assures a watertight seal at all joints, meeting ASTM D3212 requirements.

The Snap-Tite patented male/female machining at each end of the HDPE allows it to be ‘snapped’  together, piece by piece, and pushed into the full length of the existing pipe. It is available in lengths from 2 feet to 50 feet long, and is available for existing culverts with diameters from 10 inches to 84 inches. Unlike other so-called ‘rehab systems,’ the annular space between the host pipe and the new Snap-Tite pipe is filled with a low density cellular grout, which fills in any voids between the roadway and culvert, delivering a truly ‘rehabbed’ culvert.

Snap-Tite is easy to install. Nearly all the culvert renewal can be done off road with minimum disturbance to the right of way, without road closures. Most jobs can be completed with a backhoe, shovels, a come-a-long and chains – and most highway or road contractors can use their own crews without the need for special training or specialized equipment.


Features Benefits

Fabricated from HDPE plastic

Predictable service life of more than 100 years

Corrosion and abrasion resistant

Can be used in acidic or caustic soils, or in applications with highly abrasive flows (ranging from 1.5 pH to a very caustic 14 pH

Longer lengths than reinforced concrete pipe

Fewer joints, faster installation, and more accurate pipe alignment

30 times lighter than reinforced concrete pipe

Easier to load, transport, handle, and install

Superior strength-to-weight ratio

Supports H-25 live loads with a minimum cover of 1 foot, while allowing for deep installations

Easy installation

Light equipment, less manpower, minimal disturbance of right-of-way, no interruption of services, no special training or specialized equipment necessary

Watertight joints

Meets ASTM D3212 requirements, improved hydraulic capacity


  • Solid-Wall HDPE
  • Pipe diameter range of 8” – 63” O.D.
  • Standards lengths are 2’- 50’
  • Available shapes – round and pipe arch

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