ArmorMax® Engineered Earth Armoring Solutions is the most advanced flexible armoring technology available. Consisting of our woven three-dimensional High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat with X3® fiber technology and earth percussion anchors, you can count on the ArmorMax system to hold its ground


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Engineered Earth Armoring Solutions 

This durable and flexible system provides a lightweight protection layer securely anchored to the subgrade for long-term design life. It withstands extreme hydraulic stress and resists non-hydraulic event damage, like debris flows and maintenance operations.

It outperforms and is more cost-effective than conventional methods, including rock riprap, rock slope protection, gabions, concrete blocks or paving, and fabric formed revetments.

Woven three -dimensional HPTRM protection layer featuring X3® fiber technology

  • Unique X3 fiber shape provides over 40% more surface area than conventional fibers to capture the moisture, soil and water required for rapid vegetation growth
  • Exhibits extremely high tensile strength as well as superior interlock and reinforcement capacity with both soil and root systems
  • Maximum ultraviolet protection for long-term design life
  • Netless, rugged material construction stands up to the toughest erosion applications where high loading and/or high survivability conditions are required

Earth Percussion Anchors Secure the Mat to the Ground

  • Made of corrosion resistant aluminum alloy, gravity die cast and heat treated to give considerable increase in mechanical strength and curability both during installation and in service
  • Connected to a threaded rod or stainless tendon to fully enhance corrosion resistance particularly at the soil/air interface
  • As the load exerted on the soil by the ArmorMax® system increases, a body of soil above the anchor is compressed and provides resistance to any further anchor movement — permanently securing the mat to the ground

ArmorMax® Benefits:

  • Supports the EPA’s Green Infrastructure initiative and is a recognizedstorm water Best Management Practice (BMP) and is proven to reduceerosion and reinforce vegetation for low-impact, sustainable design
  • Easy to handle, lightweight components for rapid installation
  • Use of lightweight equipment and unskilled labor facilitatesinstallation with limited site access
  • Aesthetically pleasing and more cost effective than conventional methods such as rock riprap and concrete paving

ArmorMax Reinforced Vegetation System for Slope Stabilization

For structural applications, the ArmorMax system can be engineered to provide surficial slope stabilization to resist shallow plane failures.

ArmorMax Reinforced Vegetation System for Channels and Spillways

The ArmorMax system can be used in non-structural applications where additional factors of safety are required, including protecting earthen levees from storm surge and wave overtopping and stream, river and canal banks from scour and erosion. In addition, this system is ideally suited to protect storm water channels in arid and semi-arid environments where vegetation densities of less than 30% coverage are anticipated. In these applications, the earth percussion anchors act as a tie-down mechanism securing the HPTRM firmly to the ground for additional factors of safety.

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