ArmorWedge is a concrete step overlay protection system for embankment dams and spillways that are subject to high forces associated with overtopping flow. Even at high flow levels the ArmorWedge system remains stable. An effective drainage system is essential to the design of the overlay.

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Easy to Install Step Overlay Protection System

Researchers at Colorado State University assessed the stability of the blocks by comparing the downward (positive) forces of the block weight and the pressure of the flowing water to the uplift (negative) forces. The ArmorWedge system was tested up to and including the facility discharge capacity of 40 cf/s/ft. This discharge capacity had associated water velocities of 35 ft/sec and a shear stress of 22 lbs/ft2.

The practicality of ArmorWedge lies in the cost-effective ease of installation. This is particularly true for projects where the use of large machinery is deemed impractical due to confined, hard to reach jobsites or environmental impact on the surrounding area. ArmorWedge is typically installed by hand over site-specific filter fabric and subsequent drainage medium on a well compacted surface.

Benefits of the ArmorWedge System:

  • Proven stability - Tested up to and including the facility discharge of 44 cf/s/ft, with associated water velocities of 35 ft/sec and shear stress of 22 lbs/ft2.
  • Easy to install - Cost-effective even on confined, hard-to-reach jobsites.
  • Installation by hand - Low environmental impact to surrounding areas.