ArmorLoc concrete interlocking blocks are designed to control erosion. The ArmorLoc system provides easy and economical installation when equipment is not feasible. ArmorLoc is installed manually over site-specific filter fabric on a prepared surface.

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Effectively Control Erosion and Promote Drainage

It improves the landscape and promotes drainage from the smallest erosion control job to the largest commercial project.

ArmorLoc is available in two sizes and weight classifications that provide excellent performance during light wave and open-channel flow conditions. The unique interlocking design of ArmorLoc keys each block into four adjacent blocks to hold it firmly in position and resist lateral movement.

Benefits of the ArmorLoc System:

  • Lightweight - Easy-to-install in hard-to-reach areas without the use of heavy equipment.
  • Interlocking blocks - Conforms to ground contours, relieves hydrostatic pressure and resists lateral movement.
  • Open cells and joints - Ideal for revegetation to provide an aesthetic solution.
  • Strong and durable - Safe surface for pedestrians and vehicles and resistant to frost, seawater and road salts.

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ArmorFlex and ArmorLoc for Outfall Protection

The unique shape and interlocking design of ArmorFlex cabled systems and ArmorLoc hand placed systems provide permanent erosion protection at culvert outfall locations. Unlike dumped stone, which typically requires maintenance and replenishment after periodic events, ArmorFlex and ArmorLoc systems are permanent solutions that dramatically reduce life-cycle costs.

ArmorFlex and ArmorLoc for Heavy Loading Applications

ArmorFlex and ArmorLoc provide a speedy and more flexible alternative to a traditional concrete pad and can be used for tank / heavy equipment turning pad.

Armortec Solutions for Shoreline and Stream Bank Protection

The A-Jacks, ArmorFlex, and ArmorLoc systems offer permanent solutions to streambank erosion by armoring the area of maximum scour. These systems also promote native vegetation for a natural enhancement.