<p>Tracktex&trade; High-Performance Geosynethics</p>

Tracktex™ High-Performance Geosynethics

Tracktex is a multilayer composite with a unique microporous filter media protected by specially engineered protective nonwoven geotextiles. The filter is an orientated microporous polymeric film with a series of microcells and interconnecting pores, characterized by its relative strength, and ability to transmit vapor.


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Tracktex was specifically developed to address rail ballast contamination/failure due to subgrade pumping. The patented product is a composite consisting of a micro-porous filter sandwiched between two high-density protective geotextiles. This robust geocomposite has demonstrated retained functionality and performance through more than 10 million cycles (140 million gross tons) of full scale testing. It has performed exceptionally through more than three years of live rail commercial installations in the UK and other parts of Europe. Contech is now proud to be the exclusive distributor in the North America.

Tracktex is able to effectively facilitate the passage of liquid under pressure, but the pores are such that the passages of clay fines are prohibited. Without pressure, water cannot pass through the filter, therefore any underlying clay formation will, over time, dry out and have an improved modulus. 


  • Prevents subgrade fines and slurry from migrating up into the ballast; 
  • Facilitates desiccation and drying of the existing subgrade slurry by allowing pore pressures to dissipate under loading, improving the quality of the formation while preventing re-saturation from above; 
  • Durable and capable of withstanding installation and operational damage; 
  • Flexible enough to conform to uneven subgrade formations such that no slurry inducing voids exist

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