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Propex Reflectex

REFLECTEX Heat Reflective Concrete Pavement Interlayer Geotextile is a polypropylene, staple fiber, needle punched nonwoven geotextile produced by Propex for use as an interlayer for separating cementitious pavement sections. The fibers are needled to form a stable network that retains dimensional stability relative to each other. REFLECTEX reduces strength-stress ratios during early age concrete curing and is resistant to ultraviolet degradation and to biological and chemical environments normally found in soils.

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The technology of using a nonwoven geotextile as a concrete pavement interlayer has been widely proven in Europe for over 30 years. In 2006, this technology reemerged in the US due to the efforts of FHWA and several State DOTs. The technology improves the quality of Portland cement concrete (PCC) pavements and greatly lowers their costs.

There are two basic applications for a concrete interlayer geotextile; 1) between existing PCC, asphalt concrete, or composite pavements and a new PCC overlay; and 2) between a treated base or subgrade and a new PCC slab. Traditionally, a hot mix asphalt concrete (HMA) layer was employed and the functions of the interlayer are as follow:

  • To provide a degree of disbonding to the underlying substrate, this may be cracked, jointed or otherwise active and directly transferring stresses that may cause damage to the new PCC above it.
  • To absorb and dissipate crack inducing stresses associated with movement within the substrate, to keep the overlying new PCC pavement from cracking.
  • To protect a chemically treated base or subgrade from the erosion caused by direct contact with a PCC slab.
  • To provide a suitable base on which the PCC placement equipment can navigate.

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