<p>E'GRID<sup>®</sup> Geogrids</p>

E'GRID® Geogrids

E'GRID® biaxial geogrids confine aggregate subjected to dynamic loads, restraining movement and effectively increasing the aggregate shear strength. In turn, vehicle-induced loads are spread more efficiently, producing reduced pressure on less competent subgrades. As a result, thinner layers of biaxial geogridconfined aggregate result in comparable subgrade loadings to thicker, non-confined layers. With reduced aggregate quantities, along with associated reductions in transportation and placement expenses, immediate cost benefits often result.

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E'GRID® geogrids provide enormous economical and structural benefits with their high rib-tensile modulus and high resistance to provide superior aggregate confinement and performance longevity. With over 30 years of proven performance and economy - the biaxial geogrid provide project-proven results.

E'GRID Benefits:

  • Reduced Aggregate Layer Thickness
  • Increased Structure Longevity
  • Optimized Performance and Longevity

The combination of long-established mechanical, geometrical, and durability characteristics enables E'GRID biaxial geogrids to significantly reduce aggregate movement. The result…aggregate layers with effective load-distribution capability…and industry-proven benefits:

  • Thinner aggregate layers with lower in-place cost
  • Reduced life-cycle costs using conventional aggregate layer thicknesses
  • Optimized structure longevity and economy

There is good news! We've put you in control with a design software created specifically with you in mind. BI-DESIGN® software is a tool for use by engineers and other professionals to assist them in determining the proper E'GRID® geogrid products to use in their design of earth structures which incorporate geogrids. Click here to download the BI-DESIGN User Manual to get started!