Continental® Pedestrian Truss

Innovative Designs, Rapid Installation. Continental pedestrian truss structures range from basic structures to unique custom solutions. With clear spans to 250 feet and more, Continental bridges are ideal for crossings over highways, railroad tracks, rivers and wetlands.


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Continental LogoWith over 14,000 installed since 1974, these aesthetic solutions offer a variety of styles, rail, deck and finish options, all with rapid installation.

Continental prefabricated bridges allow for quick installation, reducing site construction time and lowering costs, and require minimal maintenance. Continental pedestrian bridges are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship.

Benefits of the Continental Pedestrian Bridge:

  • Site-Specific Designs – Can be designed in full compliance with AISC, AASHTO, IBC, CALTRANS and other design codes.
  • Options to Suit - Get the look and functionality that you need and want – our manufacturing flexibility at the plant can accommodate special customer requests.
  • Technology - Our state of the art software allows for speed and accuracy of plan development.
  • Experience - We have registered PEs in every state and nearly 40 years of experience to help with regulations and codes on even the most challenging projects.
  • Quality - We maintain the highest level of manufacturing certifications in the industry – making sure that the job is done right the first time.

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Continental Bridges for Pedestrian Crossings

Continental truss bridges provide the perfect solution for a basic foot bridge or a large overpass bridge. Prefabricated golf course bridges can be installed quickly with minimal disruption to course play. Trail and bicycle bridges have also been widely used to enhance recreational areas and link greenway systems.

Truss Structures for Bridge Replacement

Pre-engineered Truss structures provide fast-track solutions for bridge replacement projects with quick installation – saving both time and money. These prefabricated truss structures are often installed in just one to three days.

Truss Bridges for Stream and Wetland Crossings

Longer clear spans minimize the use of piers or immediate supports. Therefore Continental pedestrian bridges and our Steadfast vehicular structures are an ideal solution for crossing sensitive areas and wetlands with little or no impact on the environment. Lack of piers also leads to improved hydraulic efficiency.

Continental Bridges for Conveyor and Pipe Support

Continental truss bridges can function as pipe or conveyor support systems or for a variety of material handling needs.

Continental Pedestrian Bridges for Skywalks

The custom designs, lightweight strength, long clear spans, and elegant designs of our custom prefabricated truss bridges make them the best way to get pedestrians safely where they’re going. Continental skywalks connect hospitals, stadiums and malls to parking garages and carry pedestrians over busy roads in many other scenarios.