Liner Plate

Liner Plate

Full Length Corrugations & Lapped Joints for More Effective Stiffness & Ring Compression. Contech 2-flange Liner Plate provides optimum shaft stability and protection when constructing new utility tunnels, relining structures under highways and railroads and lining vertical shafts.

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Contech 2-flange Liner Plate offers the highest continuous ring stiffness and high compression joint strength. 2-flange Liner Plate has effective stiffness that is more than twice that of the same gage (thickness) of 4-flange Liner Plate.

2-flange Liner Plate provides corrugations extending through the lapped longitudinal joint. When assembled, this liner functions as a corrugated pipe with continuous circumferential corrugations. The result is more effective corrugation performance for the highest stiffness and strength in the industry! Strength to handle the inconsistencies encountered on a regular basis. Extra safety factor when you need it most!

Benefits of Contech Liner Plate

  • Stiffest plate available - Usually does not require ring-beam stiffeners
  • Available in black (uncoated) or galvanized steel - Unsurpassed in strength and safety

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Structural Plate for Rehabilitating Bridges and Large Culverts

Bridges and large culverts can be relined by erecting our plate structures inside existing structures. Or, the new plate structure can be erected outside and threaded into existing openings. Our Plate Structures, including Two-Flange Liner Plate, are delivered to the job site unassembled. The plates and ribs are easily bolted together to form various shapes: round, vertical and horizontal ellipse, pipe-arch, underpass and arch.

Liner Plate for New Utility Tunnels and Enclosures

During tunnel construction, slough-ins and other concentrated loads are unpredictable and can be catastrophic without adequate protection. Our sufficiently stiff tunnel Liner Plate functions as a safety zone for workers and equipment. The required amount of liner stiffness depends upon soils, tunnel size and construction methods.

Liner Plate for Vertical Shafts

Vertical shafts vary in diameter from a few feet to 50+ feet, and frequently have depths exceeding 60 feet. Whether microtunneling, slip-lining, and installing tunnels, maintaining shaft integrity requires a dependable support system. Our Liner Plate is unsurpassed in strength and safety. Once tunneling is completed, the liner plate is often dismantled and reused.

Culvert Reline under I-91
Culvert Reline under I-91Middletown, Connecticut
Germantown Road Reline
Germantown Road RelineGaithersburg, Maryland
Carter Street Culvert Rehabilitation
Carter Street Culvert RehabilitationCity of Chattanooga, Tennessee
SR 0006 Culvert Rehab
SR 0006 Culvert RehabClarks Summit, Pennsylvania
Highway 22 - Roberts Creek Reline
Highway 22 - Roberts Creek RelineSaint Peter, Minnesota
Alkali Creek Multi-Use Path
Highway 64 Culvert Rehabilitation
Highway 64 Culvert RehabilitationZebulon, North Carolina
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