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BEBO® Bridge Concrete Arch System

is a combination of cast-in-place concrete footings, precast arch elements, headwalls, and wingwalls. The system uses the fundamentals of soil-structure interaction to achieve superior strength and stability. The results are the largest precast arch spans in the world.

BEBO Logo Developed in 1966 in Switzerland, the BEBO Concrete Arch System is a precast concrete version of the arches used in Roman aqueducts built two millennia ago-which are still standing.

With spans from 12 to 102 feet, BEBO can be installed quickly with minimal long-term maintenance. The precise modular system offers set-in-place construction and attractive aesthetics. The system uses 3 distinct geometries – the E-series, C-series, and T-series – to ensure the optimum configuration for your site.

Benefits of the BEBO Arch System:

  • Buried Bridge Structure - Reduces maintenance costs and lowers life cycle costs as there are no bridge deck or joints at the deck/roadway interface.
  • Modular Bridge System - Rapid installation results in reduced overall project costs, delays and detours.
  • Designed “Site Specific” - Meets your site needs in full compliance with AASHTO and AREMA design standards for highway and railway use.
  • Full Scale Load Tested - Verified engineering design methodology.
  • Easy Site-Adaptability - Flexible layout options to fit within the right-of-way – curve the structure with a stream or adjust for vertical and horizontal clearance requirements.
  • Manufactured in controlled environment with standardized components - Manufacturing is fast and efficient allowing us to offer a high quality yet cost-effective bridge option.


Precast Bridges and Structures for Grade Separation

Precast Grade SeparationOur CON/SPAN and BEBO structures are commonly used for grade separations. These systems are strong enough to carry massive off-highway and railroad loads and are available in shapes to accommodate critical clearance boxes

Precast Bridges for Stream and Wetland Crossings

Precast Stream CrossingWhen environmental factors are a consideration, CON/SPAN O-Series and B-Series provide a natural choice because they offer clear spans from 12 to 65 feet with small footprints that minimize intrusion into natural areas. BEBO offers strength and stability, resulting in the largest precast arch spans available, allowing minimal impact to natural areas.


Precast Bridges for Pedestrian and Recreation Traffic Loads

Precast Bridge for Pedestrian CrossingCON/SPAN O-Series, B-Series and BEBO have been used in a variety of applications for pedestrian structures, including bike paths, ski tunnels under roadways, and golf courses. With an aesthetic appeal, these systems can provide access either over roadways or sensitive areas or under highways, even in high-fill applications.

Precast Bridges for Heavy Loading Applications

Precast Heavy LoadingCON/SPAN O-Series, B-Series and BEBO structures can easily accommodate Heavy Equipment Transport (HET) loading and maintenance requirements and set-in-place installation makes them a great solution for stream crossings.

Precast Structures for Taxiway Bridges and Runway Extensions

Precast Taxiway BridgeSpecifying CON/SPAN and BEBO bridges and underground structures for airport applications offers a number of advantages for airport designers. Fast installation shortens work schedules and disruptions, while the large load-carrying capacity of their arch is perfectly suited for high-load airport applications. CON/SPAN bridges have been used for airport taxiway underpasses and overpasses (easily bearing 747s, Antanov 225, and other heavy aircraft), runway extensions, as well as glycol storage tanks for de-icing solvents and tunnels for baggage tugs.

Precast Structures for Mining Portals, Rail Tunnels and Conveyor Enclosures

Precast Rail TunnelOur durable CON/SPAN and BEBO structures can meet heavy duty demands for industrial or mining applications. CON/SPAN and BEBO structures can be adapted for use in tunnel applications or improving mine entrances. The arch shape is also ideal for supporting aggregate piles and can be designed to accommodate site specific openings and equipment requirements. Underpasses and overpasses can be designed using Cooper E-80 loading, and these prefabricated systems allow for fast installation and easily accommodate staged construction methods for busy, active railroad tracks.

Precast Structures for Culverts, Canals and Enclosures

Precast CulvertOur CON/SPAN O-Series, B-Series and BEBO structures provide a total set-in-place construction solution for culverts and stream enclosures.  

Precast Structures for Bridge Rehabilitation

Precast Bridge RehabCON/SPAN O-Series, B-Series and BEBO bridge structures can cost-effectively and quickly be installed to support concrete bridges that exhibit deterioration in the concrete superstructure and upper portions of the abutments – utilizing the existing foundation. In most cases, in a single day, the bridge arches can be positioned leaving the existing beam bridge and abutments in place.

Precast Bridges for Bridge Replacement

Bridge ReplacementFor bridge replacement or Design Build projects, our Precast bridge systems can substantially reduce design and construction time, improve safety and ensure quality components for long-term performance.

Precast Structures for Underground Storage Structures

Precast Storage Structures

Underground vaults constructed with CONTECH’s precast concrete arch system have a proven cost advantage over alternative underground storage solutions because of their fast installation and quality production. Designed for highway loading above the structure, CON/SPAN vaults will stand the test of time.

Precast Structures for Wine Cellars and Caves

Precast Storage Structures

Underground vaults constructed with CONTECH’s precast concrete arch system can be utilized to create a wine cellars or caves. CON/SPAN offers classic cave designs using modern techniques. Underground vaults for wineries constructed with the CON/SPAN system provide many of the advantages of traditional cellars or natural wine caves. The great flexibility of the system allows earthen floors, multiple vaults placed side by side, and units that can be furnished with optional endwalls and headwalls.

SS Credit 1 – Site Selection, 1 Point

Intent – Avoid the development of inappropriate sites and reduce the environmental impact from the location of a building.

Potential Contribution: Bridge and Structures

  • Long clear spans allow you to cross sensitive areas with little or no impact
  • Maintain a 50-foot buffer on either side of the waterway

SS Credit 2 – Development Density and Community Connectivity, 2-5 Points

Intent – Channel development to urban areas with existing infrastructure, protect greenfields and preserve habitat and natural resources.

Potential Contribution: Bridges and Structures
  • Connect people and services over roads, under rail crossings and across streams
  • Shorten walking distance to basic services
  • Provide aesthetic solutions

SS Credit 4.1 – Alternative Transportation, Public Transportation Access, 1-6 Points

Intent – Reduce pollution and land development impacts from automobile use.

Potential contribution: Bridges and Structures
  • Create bicycle trail connectivity - allowing alternative transportation mode
  • Create shorter, safer pedestrian access to public transit
  • Bring public transportation (i.e. railway) into a community with minimal impact to existing roads and grades

MR Credit 4 – Recycled Content, 1-2 Points

Intent – Increase the demand for building products that incorporate recycled content materials. The sum of post-consumer recycled content plus one-half of the pre-consumer content constitutes at least 10% (1 point) or 20% (2 points), based on cost, of the total value of the materials in the project.

Potential Contributions: Contech Concrete Structures
  • Many Contech vendors use recycled materials in their concrete mixes
  • Contact your local Contech representative for project specific information.

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