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Detention iconStormwater Storage and Detention


Stormwater Detention

Underground stormwater detention systems are a structural Best Management Practice (BMP) used to control the flow of stormwater. Detention systems work as an integral part of the storm sewer system to provide a temporary storage area for excess stormwater. Runoff is stored and discharged over time whenever runoff inflow exceeds the allowable discharge rate. The systems are typically installed beneath parking lots, streets and parks to maximize property usage and lower development costs. We offer a variety of materials and flexible options to meet your detention needs. (Above: CMP Detention, Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, Kansas City, Missouri)


CMP Stormwater Detention Systems

CMP DetentionFlexible configurations and pipe coatings are adaptable to site-specific footprints and conditions. CMP detention systems store stormwater exceeding a site's allowable discharge rate and release it slowing over time. Installed belowgrade, the systems maximize property usage and meet your specific water quantity requirements. CMP detention systems are available in all AASHTO M-36 Types.

DuroMaxx for Stormwater Detention

DuroMaxx StormwaterDesigned to meet watertight specifications, with wide range of fittings available, DuroMaxx is an excellent choice for stormwater detention. Lightweight and easy to handle, it is easily transported and assembled on site. Available in diameters from 30” to 120”, the larger diameters maximize savings on per gallon storage cost.

Precast Systems for Stormwater Detention and Infiltration

Precast Stormwater DetentionOur CON/SPAN and Terre Arch concrete stormwater detention and infiltration solutions provide the versatility to accommodate any footprint needed. These patented precast structures are engineered to the highest degree – ensuring structural integrity.

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