Oil and Spill Control

Oil and Spill Control

Oil exists on impervious surfaces in a variety of forms: emulsified, free, attached to solids or soluble. Our products help you meet regulations by capturing oil in stormwater and keeping it on-site, away from the environment. Utilize our Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure technologies to manage oil spill risk and meet your secondary containment requirements.

VortClarex for Oil / Water Separation

VortClarex employs innovative coalescing media to remove free oil droplets down to 60 microns in diameter from contaminated stormwater flows. The system is best suited for sites where specific effluent targets are specified, and where oil is not chemically or physically emulsified.

Oil Stop Valve for Containment of Oil Spills

The Oil Stop Valve reduces the risk of catastrophic oil spills being released from your site. The fully adjustable float accommodates any oil type, oil depth, or alarm condition. A simple mechanism with few moving parts ensures long product life.

Rail Collector Pans for Oil Collection

Collector Pans are a modular system of steel pans easily installed on existing or new tracks to catch spilled or leaking fuel, oils, greases and other pollutants.