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Culverts, Canals and Enclosures

Culverts, Canals and Enclosures

Our pipe and structure products provide optimum drainage solutions for culverts, canals and drainage ditches. We offer a wide variety of materials and shapes for various site needs, including underneath roads, railways and embankments. (Above: Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianapolis, Indiana)


CMP for Culverts, Canals and Ditch Enclosures

CMP CulvertsOur corrugated steel pipe is the most durable, economic, and widely chosen material for most culverts.

Aluminum Box Culverts for Culverts, Canals and Ditchs

Aluminum Box CulvertAluminum Box Culverts offer wide-span, low-rise shapes that are lightweight as well as fast and easy to install.

Precast Structures for Culverts, Canals and Enclosures

Precast CulvertOur CON/SPAN O-Series, B-Series and BEBO structures provide a total set-in-place construction solution for culverts and stream enclosures.  

Plate Structures for Culvert, Canals and Enclosures

Plate Stream EnclosureOur structural plate products, BridgeCor, MULTI-PLATE, Aluminum Structural Plate and SUPER-SPAN, offer a flexible and strong solution for culverts and enclosing canals and streams.

DuroMaxx for Culverts, Canals and Ditch Enclosures

DuroMaxx for CulvertThe built-in capacity of the high strength steel eliminates concerns that have long plagued profile wall HDPE pipe. DuroMaxx uses only high quality pressure rated HDPE resin that provides predictable engineering properties including crack resistance, tensile strength and modulus of elasticity, allowing you to meet your long-term service structural needs for canal and ditch enclosures.

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