<p>Sanitary Sewer Overflow and Combined Sewer Overflow</p>

Sanitary Sewer Overflow and Combined Sewer Overflow

More than 700 communities in the United States have combined sewer systems. Combined sewer overflow (CSO) discharged during heavy rain events are known to cause serious water pollution problems in many of these communities. Pollutants include bacteria and other pathogens, toxins, chemicals and debris that are hazardous to the public, environment and commercial health and well-being.

DuroMaxx for Combined Sewer Overflow

DuroMaxx can provide storage for combined sewer overflow (CSO) via underground storage tanks. DuroMaxx vessels are both durable and water tight, providing a cost-effective way to handle this critical problem. With diameters of up to 120" and flexible design configurations combined with its watertight joints, DuroMaxx is an ideal solution for CSO storage.