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I Don’t Understand 46 psi Pipe Stiffness
Dear Tech Abby, What does 46 psi pipe stiffness really mean?  Do all pipes meet or need 46 psi?  Can you help? -    &n...
Categories: Design, Stiffness
Does PVC Require Class I Backfill in All Applications?
Dear Tech Abby:  Do I have to use a crushed stone backfill for my PVC sewer pipe installation?  --That 70’s Engineer Dear That 70’s Enginee...
Categories: PVC, Backfill
Plastic 101 - Connecting to a Manhole
Every sewer has them… every few hundred feet… you can’t avoid it if you are in the sewer industry... Got a guess?... That’s it… MANHOLES. Ahh yes, the...
Categories: Drainage, PVC