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RELINE Considerations for Root Intrusion, Compromising Joints, Void Detection
After recently completing a PDH article for Informed Infrastructure entitled, ""How to Design a Culvert Reline Project." I thought it a...
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When is it too late to do a reline project?
When a culvert or storm sewer reaches the end of its useful service life, the option to excavate and replace is commonplace. However, having the addit...
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How Much Does a Reline Project Cost?
  I am often asked, "How much does a reline project cost?".  Before making an attempt to answer this let’s begin with some perspective, rel...
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Reline Grouting Considerations » Materials & Process Options
During a recent Contech reline webinar and following question and answer session, I realized there were several great questions asked about Reline Gro...
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With so many structural sliplining options, how do I know which ones are legit?
I often receive questions on how to properly design a reline project, from assessment and hydraulics to structural design.  I thought I would tak...
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What do you think of concrete paved inverts as a way to extend the life of an old CMP pipe?
As a corrugated metal pipe culvert or storm sewer ages, it is common for the invert to bear the brunt of the corrosion and abrasion damage.   Pav...
2 Common Questions When It Comes to Relining with CMP
I am often asked what kind of advantages there are in reline as compared to a simple replacement. Well for one thing - there is the reduction in migraines and headaches. When you need to replace a failing culvert or structure, immediately I begin to think of dealing with traffic disruptions, detours and obtaining permits that will be required.