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Water/Wastewater Projects
Keystone Compac Wall Result of Strong Business Relationship  Read More

Douglas County Sheriff Sub-Station

Douglas County Sheriff Sub-Station
Highlands Ranch, Colorado - Since the new Douglas County Sub-Station sits atop a hill, surrounded by roads, the site required two large and distinct retaining walls. While both walls used Keystone Compac units, each wall required its own unique construction method and because space was limited on-site, the walls were not able to be built simultaneously. Keystone was selected for its aesthetic appeal and ability to withstand heavy loads. 

TRUSS PIPE Replaces Existing Trunk Sewer  Read More

Scott Creek

Scott Creek Trunk Sewer, Phase II
Belmont, Michigan - The existing Scott Creek Trunk Sewer needed to be replaced or rehabilitated because the concrete line had an increasing amount of infiltration and some sags in the pipe. The original US-131 crossing also had significant pipe sag in it causing velocities below design conditions that required it be replaced. Plainfield Charter Township used Gasketed PVC – TRUSS PIPE® for its ability to provide a unique, semi-rigid wall design and unparalleled in-ground performance.

StormFilter, CDS and Corrugated Metal Pipe Meet Sustainability Requirements  Read More

Edie & Lew Wasserman Bldg - UCLA

Edie and Lew Wasserman Building - UCLA Campus
Westwood, California - The new Edie and Lew Wasserman Building was installed on a very dense site on the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) campus and needed to meet sustainability requirements and collect 2,260 CF of runoff from the roof and parking lot. To meet the requirements, a Stormwater Management StormFilter with a 72-inch manhole and an 18-foot deep perforated section, a CDS hydrodynamic separator and 2 barrels of 72-inch, 16 gauge perforated Corrugated Metal Pipe for infiltration were installed on the site.

BEBO, MULTI-PLATE AND HEL-COR Installed Along New Roadway  Read More

Quitchupah Creek Road

Quitchupah Creek Road
Sevier County, Utah - In service since 1941, the Sufco Mine is one of the largest producing coal mines in the country. The Quitchupah Creek Road project was initiated to reduce the cost of delivering coal from the mine to nearby power plants. The $32 million project included construction of 11 miles of new roadway, five wildlife crossing structures — three, 10 gage 20’-5” x 13’ MULTI-PLATE® structures (250’ in length), and two twin-leaf precast 36’ x 14’ BEBO® arch systems (160’ in length) — 23,000 square feet of Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) retaining walls, 900 linear feet of twin, 14’ diameter structural steel MULTI-PLATE structures (under 100+ feet of fill) and over 12,000 linear feet of HEL-COR® corrugated steel pipe (CSP) for drainage. Overall, the project reduced the haul distance by 46 miles round trip resulting in significant, long-term time, cost-savings and environmental impact. 

DuroMaxx Pipe Sliplines Existing Culvert to Increase Structure Life  Read More

Simms Creek

Galerno Road over Simms Creek Reline
Campbell River, British Columbia - While completing repair work along Galerno Road, the City of Campbell River noticed an existing culvert had exceeded its 60+ year service life and was in need of rehabilitation or replacement. The decision was made to extend the life of the culvert by sliplining it with a 120" diameter DuroMaxx® steel reinforced polyethylene pipe. The DuroMaxx pipe provided a lightweight, economical choice that fit easily inside the existing structure, while the smooth interior wall allowed for an enhanced hydraulic performance.

CDS Treats Stormwater at Largest Copper Mine  Read More

Bingham Canyon

Bingham Canyon Mine
Bingham Canyon, Utah - Throughout its history, the Bingham Canyon Mine has produced more copper than any other mine in the world. During an expansion project, a CDS® 5640 hydrodynamic separator was selected to treat stormwater before discharge into an onsite retention pond that allows water to slowly percolate into the soil. The patented system screens, separates and traps debris, sediment and oil from stormwater runoff and is an ideal system to meet trash Total Maximum Daily Load requirements. The system has no moving parts and requires little maintenance.

Aluminum Box Culverts Extend Existing Structure  Read More

KY 626

KY 626 Culvert Extension
Morgantown, Kentucky - When scour eroded the ends of a culvert along KY 626, a solution was needed to stop the scour and widen both shoulders along the highway. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet selected two 13’-10” x 5’-5” Aluminum Box Culverts to extend the length of the existing structure. End treatments were added to both extensions in order to protect against future scour.

Continentals Provide Pedestrians with Safe Passage Over Highway  Read More

Wolf Trap

Wolf Trap over VA-267
Vienna, Virginia - When the neighborhoods and communities surrounding Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts (WTNP) needed a safe way to cross the Dulles Access and Toll Road, they contacted public officials to gain support for the installation of a pedestrian/bicycle bridge. Overall, three Connector® / modified Capstone®-style, Continental® truss bridges were installed in the following sizes and locations: a 16’ x 149’-11” over Eastbound VA-267, a 16’ x 170’-2” over Dulles Access and a 16’ x 138’-7¼” over Westbound VA-267. The Continental structures were selected by FHWA for the ability to be installed at night with little disruption to traffic.

CON/SPAN O-Series Avoids Permitting Issues  Read More

Auburn Technology Park

Auburn Technology Park
Auburn, Alabama - The City of Auburn’s industrial base is built around small to mid-sized value added, technology based manufacturing corporations. During the construction of a new roadway within the Auburn Technology Park West section, the City searched for a stream crossing solution with a short timeframe. In order to avoid timely and costly permitting issues, a 40’ x 10’ CON/SPAN® O-Series Bridge System, 54’ in length, was selected over a conventional box culvert. The precast system was chosen for its quick installation and ability to clear span the stream without impacting the environment.

SUPER-PLATE Relines Original, 159 Year Old Structure  Read More

Main Street over Stony Creek

Main Street over Stony Creek
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania -  Determined to be structurally deficient, the original 159 year old structure on Main Street was in desperate need of rehabilitation in order to continue to carry 20,000 vehicles per day over Stony Creek. Since the structure was deemed a “contributing element” in the historic area, it was imperative that the structure be maintained rather than replaced. For this reason, the structure was strengthened and relined with a 37’-10” x 12’-11” SUPER-PLATE® structure, 76’-6” in length. 


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