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Water/Wastewater Projects
Continentals Provide Pedestrians with Safe Passage Over Highway  Read More

Wolf Trap

Wolf Trap over VA-267
Vienna, Virginia - When the neighborhoods and communities surrounding Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts (WTNP) needed a safe way to cross the Dulles Access and Toll Road, they contacted public officials to gain support for the installation of a pedestrian/bicycle bridge. Overall, three Connector® / modified Capstone®-style, Continental® truss bridges were installed in the following sizes and locations: a 16’ x 149’-11” over Eastbound VA-267, a 16’ x 170’-2” over Dulles Access and a 16’ x 138’-7¼” over Westbound VA-267. The Continental structures were selected by FHWA for the ability to be installed at night with little disruption to traffic.

CON/SPAN O-Series Avoids Permitting Issues  Read More

Auburn Technology Park

Auburn Technology Park
Auburn, Alabama - The City of Auburn’s industrial base is built around small to mid-sized value added, technology based manufacturing corporations. During the construction of a new roadway within the Auburn Technology Park West section, the City searched for a stream crossing solution with a short timeframe. In order to avoid timely and costly permitting issues, a 40’ x 10’ CON/SPAN® O-Series Bridge System, 54’ in length, was selected over a conventional box culvert. The precast system was chosen for its quick installation and ability to clear span the stream without impacting the environment.

SUPER-PLATE Relines Original, 159 Year Old Structure  Read More

Main Street over Stony Creek

Main Street over Stony Creek
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania -  Determined to be structurally deficient, the original 159 year old structure on Main Street was in desperate need of rehabilitation in order to continue to carry 20,000 vehicles per day over Stony Creek. Since the structure was deemed a “contributing element” in the historic area, it was imperative that the structure be maintained rather than replaced. For this reason, the structure was strengthened and relined with a 37’-10” x 12’-11” SUPER-PLATE® structure, 76’-6” in length. 

SPR PE Restores Structural Integrity of Existing Pipe  Read More

South Kansas River Pump Station

South Kansas River Pump Station
Topeka, Kansas - The City of Topeka scheduled the repair of several hundred feet of deteriorating reinforced concrete pipe sanitary sewer line at their South Kansas River Pump Station. Rather than undergo a costly replacement that would close the pump station and interrupt the high water flow during excavation, the City selected Contech’s SPR™ PE pipe liner for its ability to restore the structural integrity of the original 78” diameter pipe and prevent failures, while also reducing the groundwater infiltration into the system. 

MULTI-PLATE and Keystone Compac II Create Safe Passage for Pedestrians  Read More

Snake River

Snake River Corridor Enhancement
Lewiston, Idaho - Since Snake River Avenue serves as a main traffic artery for nearly 60,000 valley residents and runs alongside a popular recreation location, the Snake River National Trail, traffic is consistently heavy. In order to improve pedestrian safety in the area, the City of Lewiston decided to add new walking paths with access to trails on both sides of Snake Avenue. A 15'-9" x 15'-1" MULTI-PLATE® tunnel, 59'-4" in length, and 2,500 square feet of Keystone Compac II were selected to provide a safe crossing point for pedestrians, while being strong enough to support the road and its heavy traffic load. 

UrbanGreen, DuroMaxx, CMP Detention and CDS Effectively Manage Stormwater  Read More

Taylor Yard Transit Village

Taylor Yard Transit Village
Los Angeles, California - Situated along the Los Angeles River, a 24-acre site known as Parcel C at Taylor Yard is being transformed into a transit oriented mixed-use development with 30,000 SF of retail and 401 affordable housing units. In order to meet local stormwater retention sizing requirements while maximizing the available land space at the site, a combination of the following products were utilized: an UrbanGreen™ Rainwater Harvesting system made from 145 LF of 120” diameter DuroMaxx® Steel Reinforced Polyethylene, two corrugated metal pipe (CMP) detention systems, 120" and 114" in diameter, as well as a CDS® system for pretreatment of the water. Together, the UrbanGreen Rainwater Harvesting and stormwater management systems played an essential role in this initiative at the Taylor Yard site.

HEL-COR Relines Stream Enclosure at Military Base  Read More

Custer Road

Custer Road Reline
Fort Benning, Georgia - The military base at Fort Benning, Georgia, had an existing corrugated metal pipe stream enclosure that was still in good condition except for one segment which was failing due to a hole in the pipe. Contech suggested a reline solution that would not only save money but also keep the road from closing. As the solution, 450 LF of 60", 12 gage, 5 x 1 Aluminized Steel Type 2 (ALT2) HEL-COR® corrugated metal pipe was utilized because it would use little of the available area, while preserving the maximum amount of the original opening.

Continental Serves as Centerpiece to MI Lakeside Community  Read More

Oscoda Pier

Oscoda Beach Park Pier
Oscoda, Michigan - During an improvement project at Oscoda Beach Park, located on the shores of Lake Huron, it was decided that a fishing pier and observation deck should be added along the beach. To provide fishing opportunities, the pier was required to extend into deep, fishable water while the railing heights at the end needed to accommodate barrier free fishing. In addition, it was imperative that the design exceed Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. Able to meet all of the conditions, a Connector®-style, Continental® truss bridge consisting of 3 - 100’ x 12’ prefabricated sections was selected as the best solution.

Keystone Compac II Realigns Future of Torrington WY  Read More

US 85

US 85 Realignment
Torrington, Wyoming - In order for motorists to travel south on US 85, they must first cross the BNSF railroad tracks (which are closed more than 3 hours a day), deal with the normal flow of traffic while also avoiding additional commuters from a major employer in the area. The result is the perfect recipe for congestion. Plans to separate the railroad crossing from US 85 are 30 years in the making and include a realignment where US 85 enters Torrington. A main component to the realignment was a 24,000 square foot Keystone Compac II retaining wall. Since every construction step necessary to completing the realignment relied upon, in some way, the construction of the wall, timing was critical.

Terre Arch Stores Required Stormwater in Limited Footprint  Read More

Bellewood Golf Club

Bellewood Golf Club
Pottstown, Pennsylvania - The Bellewood Golf Club provides a private, complete, and fulfilling recreational experience surrounding the simple pleasures of golf, swimming and fine dining. An addition to the popular swim club area required additional stormwater measures to meet regulatory requirements. The challenge was to provide the required volume within the limited footprint. Contech's Terre Arch™ system was selected as the solution for its ability to provide the required volume in the limited footprint while also reducing installation time and costs.

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