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Water/Wastewater Projects
StormFilter's "Green" Design Honors School's Namesake  Read More

John Muir Elementary

John Muir Elementary
Kirkland, Washington - The Lake Washington School District decided to replace the 40-year-old John Muir Elementary with a new K-5 school. In honor of the school's namesake, a well-known naturalist and conservationist, the project utilized sustainable, “green” design principles. A StormFilter® was chosen as the new stormwater management system for its ability to remove challenging target pollutants, its two-year maintenance cycle and its self-cleaning hood.

Continental Pedestrian Bridge Expands Walking Trails  Read More

Fish Creek

Fish Creek Linear Park
Arlington, Texas - When the City of Arlington decided to expand the existing Fish Creek trail system by connecting it to the adjacent Fish Creek neighborhood, a structure was needed to cross Fish Creek. A 37’-6” x 10’ Connector®-style, Continental® truss structure was chosen for its quick, economical installation and aesthetically pleasing appearance. In addition, 1,600-ft of ArmorFlex® Class 40 open cell blocks were utilized to control erosion.

CON/SPAN O-Series Replaces Structure Destroyed by Hurricane Irene  Read More

Duanesburg-Churches Road

Duanesburg-Churches Road
Duanesburg, New York - In September 2011, the bridge on Duanesburg-Churches Road was completely washed out during Hurricane Irene. The bridge was replaced with a 28’ x 10’ 3/8” x 52’ new CON/SPAN® O-Series™ bridge system. The three-sided precast structure was chosen for its cost competitiveness, quick installation and ability to meet New York State Department of Transportation's specifications.

CORLIX Pipe Relines Just in Time  Read More

Jordan Creek

Jordan Creek Culvert Reline
Juneau, Alaska - Under a taxiway at Juneau International Airport, the Jordan Creek culvert was slated to be replaced in a few years to create a fish passage for salmon and other species. However, when it was determined that the 8-foot aluminum structure was severely corroded and under the threat of collapsing, an immediate fix was needed. An 84-inch diameter CORLIX® Aluminum Pipe was chosen for its structural capacity to carry aircraft loads, fast lead time and ability to resist corrosion in salt water.

ArmorFlex Meets Strict WDR Requirements at Solar Ranch  Read More

California Valley Solar Ranch

California Valley Solar Ranch
San Luis Obispo County, California - NRG Solar required eight low-water crossings for ephemeral streams that could meet strict requirements included in the California Regional Water Quality Control Board's Waste Discharge Requirements (WDRs). As a solution, 11,772-sf of ArmorFlex® was chosen for its ability to minimize impact on the riparian areas and provide a quick and easy installation. Contech Metric Sheeting was also utilized as cut-off walls in locations where the soils were conducive.

MULTI-PLATE Provides Adequate Hydraulic Capacity in Subdivision  Read More

Kanab Creek

Kanab Creek - Ranchos Subdivision
Kanab, Utah - During flood events, the original, multi-cell structure did not allow debris to flow through unobstructed. As a replacement, a large 25’-round MULTI-PLATE® structure was chosen for its adequate hydraulic capacity. In addition, the buried structure allowed for the road elevation to be raised by 30 feet.


Economy, Efficiency Drive Toward Decentralized Water Treatment Trend  Read More

Water Online

Economy, Efficiency Drive Decentralized Water Treatment Trend
A recent Water Online, Cleanwater feature shows how urban growth may potentially outpace municipal wastewater treatment capacity. Increasingly, cities will require developers — the ones causing the growth — to supply their own potable water, treat stormwater leaving the property and deliver water to municipal sewers. Municipal wastewater utilities likely will impose higher limits or fees on biological or chemical oxygen demand (BOD, COD) or volume. Since technologies that deliver high efficiency with a small footprint will lead the charge to decentralization, the big opportunities in water treatment may come in small packages.

Stormwater Treatment Train Utilizes Best Management Practices  Read More

Stonefield Mixed-Use Development

Stonefield Mixed-Use Development
Albemarle County, Virginia - Stonefield, a mixed-use development with a 270,000-square-foot retail center, central plaza and 245 residential units, required a stormwater management solution. A treatment train, consisting of 2,411 LF of corrugated metal pipe (CMP), an 8’ x 10’ x 48’ StormFilter™  and a Vortechs® 3000 hydrodynamic separator, was chosen for its ability to meet all regulatory needs, retain more usable land and reduce the cost by one third.

Corrugated Metal Pipe Infiltrates Water at Large Distribution Center  Read More

Southgate Building 3

Southgate Building 3
San Bernardino, California - When a large retail distribution center was designed, a tremendous volume of water needed to be stored in the most economical fashion possible. The solution also needed to meet Low Impact Development (LID) requirements. 96" corrugated metal pipe (CMP) proved to be the most economical way to infiltrate the water while also meeting the owner's aggressive construction schedule. 

Liner Plate Rehabilitates Tunnel, Allows Park Trail to Remain Open  Read More

Jonathan Run

Jonathan Run - Ohiopyle State Park
Stewart Township, Pennsylvania - When the existing, 100 year old cast-in-place tunnel began to show signs of spalling, a new structure was needed. Instead of replacing the structure, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) chose to rehabilitate the existing structure because it allowed the pedestrian/bike trail to remain open during construction. A 5 gage, 2-flange galvanized steel 11’ x 11’-7.5” Tunnel Liner Plate in a horseshoe arch shape was chosen for its cost effectiveness and ability to be delivered to the remote site.

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