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Water/Wastewater Projects
ULTRA FLO Improves Storm Drain  Read More

City of Pharr

Texas General Land Office Storm Drain Improvements
City of Pharr, Texas - As part of an ongoing effort to replace aging and inadequate storm drainage systems, the City of Pharr and the Texas General Land Office needed to upgrade a smaller, reinforced concrete pipe drainage system. As a solution, ULTRA FLO® was utilized because it is one of the most hydraulically efficient storm sewer systems available due to its smooth interior surface, longer length, fewer joints and prefabricated junctions that include elbows, manholes and catch basins. Due to the thinner wall, the pipe was able to be sized up to 42” increasing flow capacity.

US Bridge and Continental Installed at New High School  Read More

Liberty High School

Liberty High School
Wentzville, Missouri - The newly constructed Liberty High School required access across a protected wildlife stream area to the athletic complex. As a vehicular crossing, a 90’ x 35’ Viking-style U.S. Bridge® was selected for its ability to provide the required clear span over the creek, while a 110' x 10' Capstone®-style Continental® was installed further downstream to provide pedestrian access.

Keystone Compac II Reaches New Heights in Cairo  Read More

Uptown Cairo

Uptown Cairo
Cairo, Egypt - Perched atop El Mokattam Mountain, 650 feet above the city of Cairo, a new mixed-use development known as Uptown Cairo encompasses more than 1,100 acres. In order to accommodate additional properties in the prime locations, flat areas were created by utilizing a system of strong segmental retaining walls. Keystone’s straight face Compac II units were selected because they offered several key advantages over other systems including the use of Keystone’s interlocking pin system which allowed for near vertical wall construction maximizing the available land.

DuroMaxx Rehabilitation on State Route  Read More


NHDOT State Route 123
Alstead, New Hampshire - In October 2005, significant rains pummeled Alstead, New Hampshire causing the Warren Lake Dam to overflow. In turn, a 12’ diameter pipe under nearby Cooper Hill Road became plugged with debris resulting in the overtopping and failure of a 30’ embankment. Years later in 2011-2012, during a normal road rehabilitation process, two culverts were failing due to the previous storm event. The New Hampshire Department of Transportation utilized 72” diameter DuroMaxx®, a steel reinforced high density polyethylene culvert pipe material the replacement solution.

Terre Arch's Quick Installation Exceeds Football Schedule  Read More

Red Lion Area School District

Red Lion Area School District
York County, Pennsylvania - When Red Lion Area School District renovated its stadium facility and field, an aggresssive schedule was proposed. A Terre Arch™ stormwater management system was the best solution for this project because it provided a quick installation and met all agency requirements. In fact, the project was completed ahead of schedule allowing the football team to play its home games as scheduled.

CON/SPAN Replaces Bridge, Receives Two ABCD Awards  Read More

Burnt House Road

Burnt House Road
Dickinson Township, Pennsylvania - When the original, 100 year old, single-lane Burnt House Road bridge was closed due to its extremely deterioriated state, a replacement was necessary. After consideration, a triple span CON/SPAN® B-Series Bridge System, 36’ in length, was selected for its ability to imitate the aesthetics of the original structure while reducing the cost of future maintenance and providing a quick installation for the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. This bridge received two awards from the Association of Bridge Construction and Design for its ability to integrate with its natural, physical setting.

Three MULTI-PLATE Structures Provide Wildlife Crossings  Read More

SR 89

State Route 89 Wildlife Connectivity
Kanab, Utah - In order to prevent mule deer from being hit by motorists, the Utah Department of Transportation worked to obtain the necessary funding for three wildlife crossing structures under Highway 89. Three MULTI-PLATE® pipe arch structures were selected as the solution to tunnel the deer safely underneath the highway. To complete the project, 11 miles of 8’ high fences were installed on both sides of the highway in order to encourage the deer to utilize the safety of the underpasses.


A2 Liner Rehabilitates and Strengthens Existing HDPE Culvert  Read More

ORNL Culvert Reline

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Culvert Reline
Oak Ridge, Tennessee - The Spallation Neutron Source facility, located at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, was in need of a replacement for an existing HDPE culvert in order to accommodate additional loads during future expansion. Instead, it became clear that the most economical solution was to reline the existing culvert rather than replace it. As a solution, A2™ Liner was selected for its sliplining technology with direct-bury strength of 46 psi stiffness and ability to increase load bearing capacity of the existing structure.

Keystone Compac III and MULTI-PLATE Bring Life to Northern California Development  Read More

Jordan Ranch

Jordan Ranch
Dublin, California -  Over the last several years, 189 acres of land has undergone a dramatic transformation and is now the site of a six-neighborhood, 780 residential unit development called Jordan Ranch. A structure was needed to cross a creek in the area creating a main entrance to the new development. A 16' MULTI-PLATE® structural product, 147' in length, was selected for its strength, durability and ability to be installed without disturbing the creek. To complete the bridge, 4,300 square feet of Keystone Compac III Victorian was installed around the MULTI-PLATE and along the road. 

ChamberMaxx Part of Complete Green Street Solution  Read More

Ocean Park Blvd

Ocean Park Boulevard
Santa Monica, California - The community in the Ocean Park Boulevard area requested solutions to issues based on scale, character, health, safety, sustainability, landscaping, accessibility and circulation. To address the stormwater issue, the following products were utilized: four basins of ChamberMaxx® ranging from 945 CF to 4,590 CF of storage, two basins of 84” perforated corrugated metal pipe (CMP) with approximately 4,000 and 10,000 CF of storage and one basin of 24” perforated CMP with approximately 250 CF of storage.

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