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Water/Wastewater Projects
Keystone Compac II Realigns Future of Torrington WY  Read More

US 85

US 85 Realignment
Torrington, Wyoming - In order for motorists to travel south on US 85, they must first cross the BNSF railroad tracks (which are closed more than 3 hours a day), deal with the normal flow of traffic while also avoiding additional commuters from a major employer in the area. The result is the perfect recipe for congestion. Plans to separate the railroad crossing from US 85 are 30 years in the making and include a realignment where US 85 enters Torrington. A main component to the realignment was a 24,000 square foot Keystone Compac II retaining wall. Since every construction step necessary to completing the realignment relied upon, in some way, the construction of the wall, timing was critical.

Terre Arch Stores Required Stormwater in Limited Footprint  Read More

Bellewood Golf Club

Bellewood Golf Club
Pottstown, Pennsylvania - The Bellewood Golf Club provides a private, complete, and fulfilling recreational experience surrounding the simple pleasures of golf, swimming and fine dining. An addition to the popular swim club area required additional stormwater measures to meet regulatory requirements. The challenge was to provide the required volume within the limited footprint. Contech's Terre Arch™ system was selected as the solution for its ability to provide the required volume in the limited footprint while also reducing installation time and costs.

SUPER-SPAN Provides Signature Look at Subdivision Entrance  Read More

Hills at Round Lake

The Hills at Round Lake
Camas, Washington - With a stream/wetlands area situated at the entrance to the new Hills at Round Lake subdivision, a bridge was needed to provide access. It was imperative that the structure: provide a signature look, allow for utilities to be buried in the backfill and be cost effective. Since City officials preferred a buried structure, a 34’-7” x 11’-4” SUPER-SPAN™, 66’ in length, was chosen for its ability to meet all of the requirements. Buried structures reduce future maintenance costs and lower life cycle costs because there are no bridge deck or joints at the deck/roadway interface.

DuroMaxx Rehabilitates Existing Structure, Saves Money  Read More

Bradford County

Bradford County Reline
Lake Butler, Florida - Rather than go through a complete replacement of a deteriorating double-barreled structure, Bradford County, Florida instead began researching alternative rehabilitation methods. Located adjacent to a busy lumber company, the site experienced a significant amount of heavy trucking traffic so an effective solution needed to include minimal road closures. A 120" diameter DuroMaxx® reline solution was utilized for its ability to reline the existing structure thereby eliminating the time, cost and safety problems that would be experienced with a complete replacement. 

CDS Plays Major Role in "Green Road" Stormwater Project  Read More

Lake Street

Lake Street in Whitehall
Whitehall, Michigan - The City of Whitehall recently completed Michigan’s first “Green Road” by transforming 2,800 linear feet of Lake Street from a traditional paved roadway into a state-of-the-art stormwater collection system. The system uses pervious pavers, a Contech CDS® hydrodynamic separator, rain gardens and bio-swales to capture and repeatedly filter stormwater runoff from 60 acres of streets and industrial land near White Lake. The Contech CDS unit plays a critical role in this unique stormwater system.

Continental Offers Safe Pedestrian Passage over Railroad Tracks  Read More

Schuylkill River Parks

Schuylkill River Parks
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Located between the Schuylkill River and Fitler Square is a fashionable neighborhood in the Center City area of Philadelphia. At this spot, the CSX Railroad parallels the river and presents a physical barrier for residents wanting to enjoy the river and its recreational Schuylkill Banks trails. As the solution, a 12’-6” x 95’-8” modified Keystone®-style, Continental® truss bridge was installed creating a unique connection to Philadelphia’s “Hidden River” while also enhancing the existing transport network.

Cable-Stayed Continental Encapsulates Iconic Look  Read More

Rockford Riverwalk

Rockford Riverwalk
Rockford, Illinois - A riverwalk improvement project located In the heart of Rockford’s museum and arts district has become a reality. In addition to building expansions, the City wanted a “vertical” element to make the project stand out. For this reason, a 236’ x 10’ Continental® pedestrian 80’ tall Cable-Stayed truss bridge was selected to encapsulate the iconic look required by the City.The bridge features decorative lighted cables so that the focus remains on the bridge even at night.

CON/SPAN Vault Utilized as Cheese Cave on Family Farm  Read More

Valley View Cheese Cave

Valley View Cheese Cave
Topsfield, Massachusetts - Since 1998, Valley View Farmstead Cheese has been a family- and community-oriented cheese operation. Increased demand for their products, production limitations as well as the desire to make additional styles of aged artisanal cheeses inspired them to utilize a traditional, underground style cave. To create the cheese cave, a 12' x 8' CON/SPAN® Bridge System B-Series, 28' in length, was installed into a hillside and placed on precast EXPRESS™ Foundations. Upon completion, the internal environment will provide temperatures ideal for the cheese aging process, while avoiding the use of costly and energy-consuming walk-in coolers.

ULTRA FLO Improves Storm Drain  Read More

City of Pharr

Texas General Land Office Storm Drain Improvements
City of Pharr, Texas - As part of an ongoing effort to replace aging and inadequate storm drainage systems, the City of Pharr and the Texas General Land Office needed to upgrade a smaller, reinforced concrete pipe drainage system. As a solution, ULTRA FLO® was utilized because it is one of the most hydraulically efficient storm sewer systems available due to its smooth interior surface, longer length, fewer joints and prefabricated junctions that include elbows, manholes and catch basins. Due to the thinner wall, the pipe was able to be sized up to 42” increasing flow capacity.

US Bridge and Continental Installed at New High School  Read More

Liberty High School

Liberty High School
Wentzville, Missouri - The newly constructed Liberty High School required access across a protected wildlife stream area to the athletic complex. As a vehicular crossing, a 90’ x 35’ Viking-style U.S. Bridge® was selected for its ability to provide the required clear span over the creek, while a 110' x 10' Capstone®-style Continental® was installed further downstream to provide pedestrian access.

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