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Water/Wastewater Projects
A2 Liner Rehabilitates and Strengthens Existing HDPE Culvert  Read More

ORNL Culvert Reline

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Culvert Reline
Oak Ridge, Tennessee - The Spallation Neutron Source facility, located at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, was in need of a replacement for an existing HDPE culvert in order to accommodate additional loads during future expansion. Instead, it became clear that the most economical solution was to reline the existing culvert rather than replace it. As a solution, A2™ Liner was selected for its sliplining technology with direct-bury strength of 46 psi stiffness and ability to increase load bearing capacity of the existing structure.

Keystone Compac III and MULTI-PLATE Bring Life to Northern California Development  Read More

Jordan Ranch

Jordan Ranch
Dublin, California -  Over the last several years, 189 acres of land has undergone a dramatic transformation and is now the site of a six-neighborhood, 780 residential unit development called Jordan Ranch. A structure was needed to cross a creek in the area creating a main entrance to the new development. A 16' MULTI-PLATE® structural product, 147' in length, was selected for its strength, durability and ability to be installed without disturbing the creek. To complete the bridge, 4,300 square feet of Keystone Compac III Victorian was installed around the MULTI-PLATE and along the road. 

ChamberMaxx Part of Complete Green Street Solution  Read More

Ocean Park Blvd

Ocean Park Boulevard
Santa Monica, California - The community in the Ocean Park Boulevard area requested solutions to issues based on scale, character, health, safety, sustainability, landscaping, accessibility and circulation. To address the stormwater issue, the following products were utilized: four basins of ChamberMaxx® ranging from 945 CF to 4,590 CF of storage, two basins of 84” perforated corrugated metal pipe (CMP) with approximately 4,000 and 10,000 CF of storage and one basin of 24” perforated CMP with approximately 250 CF of storage.

EXPRESS Foundations Expedite Installation of Bridge Replacement  Read More

KY 1850

KY 1850 Stream Crossing Uses New EXPRESS Foundations
Warbranch, Kentucky - A low water crossing located on KY 1850 in Leslie County was a continuous maintenance problem for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) and the traveling public. The new solution required a larger, clear span opening, with a quick installation in order to minimize construction time and the disruption to traffic. The KYTC selected a 20’ x 5’ CON/SPAN® B-series Bridge System installed on EXPRESS™ Foundations. This quick, five-hour installation provided at least a three day time savings over a cast-in-place option, with the entire project completed in only eight days. 

Continental Allows Safe Passage for School Children  Read More

SR 87

State Route 87
Duchesne, Utah - In order to provide safe passage for children heading to school, the City of Duchesne asked the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) to widen an existing highway bridge over Duchesne River. Instead, UDOT chose to install an 8’ x 148’ Connector®-style Continental® truss bridge with a weathering steel finish and concrete decking. Construction went well and the bridge was ready for the children arriving back to school after winter break.

Slotted Drain Efficiently Removes Surface Water  Read More

Greenview Drive

Greenview Drive Widening
Lynchburg, Virginia - When the City of Lynchburg, Virginia widened Greenview Drive, a hundred feet of variable height Slotted Drain was utilized to help with the runoff on the roadway after a rain event. Slotted Drain efficiently removes surface water from the surface of the streets and with the straight-side grate and reinforcing spacer plates, it was a clear and cost-effective solution for the City. 

Open Bottom Aluminum Box Culverts Provide Aquatic Passage  Read More

US Forest Service - East River

U.S. Forest Service — East River, Quigley Creek and Rock Creek
Gothic, Colorado - Three existing structures over streams in the area of the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forest were deteriorating and failure was imminent. Design of the new structures needed to halt the over-topping of the roads during sudden snow melt. As the solutions, the U.S. Forest Service chose Aluminum Box Culverts in the following locations and sizes: East River (20’-3” x 8’-5” x 32’-6”), Quigley Creek (10’ x 4’-10” x 28’) and Rock Creek (10’ x 4’-10” x 28’). These structures were selected for the open bottom design which allows for aquatic passage, ease of installation, the ability to accommodate a limited vertical height as well as low cost.

Keystone Compac III Unit Makes Canadian Debut in St. John's  Read More

Canadian Forces Station

Pleasantville Consolidation, Canadian Forces Station St. John's
St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada - Located on the north shore of Quidi Vidi Lake in Newfoundland, the Pleasantville site of the Canadian Forces Station St. John’s holds a significant place in Canadian military history. In use since 1941, the station was in need of repair and project plans called for the construction of five retaining walls throughout the property. As a solution, 35,000 square feet of Keystone Compac III units were utilized because its near vertical construction was vital. Several of the walls support newly constructed loading docks and main parking areas, while other walls increase the amount of usable land surrounding the new facility.

BEBOs Provide Wildlife Safe Passage Over Busy Highway  Read More

Trapper's Point Wildlife Overpass

WYDOT Highway 191 - Trapper's Point
Pinedale, Wyoming - After a study found that the pronghorn antelope's migration route had been severely affected by increased traffic along U.S. Highway 191 in the area of Trapper's Point, a solution was needed. In order to provide a safer route for both wildlife and vehicles, the WYDOT chose two BEBO® Bridge Concrete Arch Systems — 66’ x 24’ x 150’ and 78’ x 27’-10” x 150’ in size — to serve highway traffic below and wildlife corridors above. These structures were chosen for their ability to be installed rapidly with minimal disruption to highway traffic and the animal's migration.

DuroMaxx Recycles Wastewater Stored in Lagoons  Read More

City of Culver Lagoon

City of Culver Effluent Storage Lagoon
Culver, Oregon - The City of Culver, Oregon was in need of a better solution to recycle and reuse the wastewater stored in their lagoons, so that they would still be able to accomplish land disposal. The City selected DuroMaxx® steel reinforced polyethylene (SRPE) to provide the needed storage unit for both its durability as well as its economic advantage over solid wall high density polyethlene (HDPE).

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