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Water/Wastewater Projects
HEL-COR and ULTRA FLO Create Storm Drainage System  Read More

Paseo Del Norte / I-25 Interchange

Paseo Del Norte / I-25 Interchange
Albuquerque, New Mexico - The Paseo Del Norte / I-25 Interchange Reconstruction project focused predominately on improving traffic flow for the I-25 corridor on the north side of the Albuquerque Metropolitan area. As part of the project, Contech Engineered Solutions worked closely with the design-build team to design a storm drainage system beneath the new interchange. The system included polymeric HEL-COR® corrugated metal pipe (CMP) and one of the most hydraulically efficient storm sewer systems available – ALT2 ULTRA FLO® CMP. Diameters ranged from 24-in to 108-in and gages ranged from 16 to 10 gage.

MULTI-PLATE Replaces Undersized Culvert  Read More

Lake Creek

Lake Creek
Boulder, Utah - Although an existing, 58 year old culvert located in a remote portion of the Dixie National Forest (DNF) was still in good condition, it was undersized and needed to be replaced. Contech Engineered Solutions worked with the project engineer at DNF to provide an economical and more hydraulically efficient fish passage for the Lake Creek crossing. A 8' x 3'-4" MULTI-PLATE® arch structure, 56' in length, was selected as the best replacement solution. 

CON/SPAN O-Series Replaces Culvert Damaged by Flooding  Read More

East Valley Water District

East Valley Water District - Plant 134 Entrance
Highlands, California - During a large rain event, debris built up at the vertical piers of a triple cell concrete box culvert damaging and blocking the culvert. The waters of Cook Creek continued to rise causing flooding and mudslides into an adjacent housing community. Identified as a major safety concern, the bridge was replaced with a 33' x 9.04' CON/SPAN® O-Series® Bridge System, 32' in length, which was selected as the best option for its single span and cost effectiveness.

A-Jacks Dissipate Energy, Protect Against Scour and Erosion  Read More

El Paso IH-10

El Paso IH-10
Presidio, Texas - While completing routine highway maintenance in Presidio, the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) discovered that during high intensity storm events, the water flowing off a bridge was causing scour and erosion issues around the bridge piers and abutments. As a solution, a total of 245 units of 48-in A-Jacks® were selected to provide energy dissipation and protection against scour and erosion. In addition, 24-in gabion mattresses were utilized at the top of the bridge abutment for its ability to dissipate the energy flowing off the roadway.

Continental Replaces Pedestrian Bridge Destroyed by Hurricane Sandy  Read More

Liberty State Park

Liberty State Park
Jersey City, New Jersey - In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy swept through the area moving a pedestrian bridge 30' off alignment. With the help of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) Environmental and Historic Preservation program, Jersey City developed a plan for reconstructing the bridge over the environmentally sensitive wetlands. As a solution, a 120' x 10' Keystone®-style, Continental® steel truss bridge with a wood deck was installed on time and under budget.

UrbanGreen RWH, CDS and DuroMaxx Reduce Community's Carbon Footprint  Read More

Oceano Warner Center

Oceano Warner Center
Woodland Hills, California - Built in 2012, Oceano apartments is a 244 unit, 5.8 acre community featuring outstanding architecture and design as well as a host of the most modern and cutting edge amenities. Water and energy conserving technologies and practices were incorporated to reduce the community’s overall carbon footprint. This included an UrbanGreen™ Rainwater Harvesting System, a CDS® hydrodynamic separator for pretreatment and a 188,000 gallon cistern made from 500’ of 96” DuroMaxx® Steel Reinforced Polyethylene

Slotted Drain Efficiently Handles Surface Water Runoff  Read More

Hebron 121 Station

Hebron 121 Station - Resort Apartment Homes
Lewisville, Texas - Hebron 121 Station, a unique, luxury apartment complex, is designed specifically for community members looking for a resort-style residence with sun, fun and community activities. To provide efficient parking and safer accommodations, the owners decided to expand the parking area. 1,731 LF of 18-inch diameter Slotted Drain™ was utilized to efficiently handle the additional surface water runoff that would more than likely collect after a heavy rainfall event.

Jellyfish Filters Reduce Maintenance, Meet Water Quality Treatment Requirements  Read More

Washington Navy Yard

Washington Navy Yard Sand Filter Retrofit
Washington, District of Columbia - The Washington Navy Yard (WNY) had two underground sand filters providing water quality treatment. Regular maintenance was needed to prevent trash and sediment from clogging the filters, but the process was time-consuming, expensive and messy. As a result, engineers at the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) researched alternatives to provide the desired treatment level per District Department of the Environment (DDOE) standards, and reduce maintenance. The solution they chose was to retrofit the existing sand filters into Jellyfish Filters from Contech Engineered Solutions.

DuroMaxx Tanks Safely Store Glycol-Contaminated Stormwater  Read More

MacArthur Airport

MacArthur Airport Glycol Pre-Treatment & Collection System
Long Island, New York - To maintain safe winter operation at MacArthur Airport, a deicing solution containing glycol is often used to remove accumulated frost, ice or snow from airplanes. These fluids must be transported, stored and handled properly to be effective and also to meet new environmental regulations. For this reason, the airport selected DuroMaxx® steel reinforced polyethylene (SRPE) tanks as the most efficient, cost effective and leak-free solution. 384 LF of 84-inch diameter pipe and 432 LF of 96-inch diameter pipe resulted in 35,739 CF storage volume and an overall smaller footprint maximizing their available land space.

ArmorFlex and AJacks Provide Overtop Protection, Dissipate Velocity  Read More

Chastain Meadows Regional Stormwater Facility

Chastain Meadows Regional Stormwater Facility
Marietta, Georgia - Located in an urban setting between a large retail complex and a large office building, Noonday Creek's high flow needed to be regulated with the addition of a 21’ tall earthen dam and associated overtopping structure. In order to achieve the goal, the chosen solution utilized 14,934 units of 24-in A-Jacks® and 4,036 units of 48-in A-Jacks along a primary bend of the creek, in the stilling basin and in between the bridge piers. In addition, various sizes of ArmorFlex® mats were installed — 12,024 square feet of CL 40 Mats, 54,078 square feet of CL 60T Mats and 14,036 square feet of 85L Mats — to control erosion.


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