Wind Turbine Foundations

Contech and P&H (Patrick and Henderson Inc.) offer a track record of proven wind turbine foundations to meet the needs of today's large scale wind turbines (1.5-3.0 MW), as well as foundations for future turbines of much larger scale.

These foundations are engineered to withstand:

We can help design a solution to fit your site's needs. Have our mining expert contact you for assistance on your project or to answer any questions. Call 855-450-WIND or click here to email us.

Cast-in-place Annular Pier
Typically 12’-16’
25’-35’ feet deep

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Reinforce Concrete Cap
24’-30’ in Dia. 5’ thick
12-20 Anchors
35'-50’ deep
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Rebar/Concrete Inverted T-Spread (radial bolts optional)
40’-65’ Dia.
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Contech CMP Wind Turbine Solutions

Contech's CMP deep foundation bases are available to support wind turbines or vertical shafts and our Mobile Production Vehicle is an ideal solution for remote sites.


CMP Mobile Production Vehicle
Contech's MOBILE PIPE® modular unit provides fast, cost effective on-site steel pipe manufacturing. Learn more.

Contech CMP

CMP for wind turbine foundations
With a predictable service life capable of 100+ years, Contech CMP is the most economical pipe material solution and has100% traceability. Learn more.


Complete Wind Farm Site Solutions

Contech's suite of products can provide your wind farm with less stone on haul roads with the same performance, fast and economical solutions for spanning streams, a variety of solutions for erosion control and drainage as well as foundation support for your windmill.

Wind Farm Solution Applications


Flexible options for directing storm flows where you need them to go.

Stream Crossings

Cross streams and other environmentally sensitive areas with our reliable bridges and structures.ur products.

Slope stabilization and turf reinforcement mats for wind farms
Slope Stabilization

Prevent movement and downslope erosion and provide support for grade changes with many of our products.

Haul roads for wind farms Haul Roads/Tank Trails

Easily support heavy loads with a variety of roadway and crossing solutions.