<p>Reline and Rehabilitation Solutions</p>

Reline and Rehabilitation Solutions

As our infrastructure ages, the roadway, water management and sewer control systems are deteriorating and losing integrity. Also, changing service conditions affect once competent structures so that they may no longer meet load or traffic requirements. Maintaining these critical structures is a major challenge. Today, perhaps more than ever, keeping our infrastructure safe and workable with limited financial resources requires innovative solutions. Replacement can be costly and time consuming. Contech makes it easy. We make it our business to know the ideal solution for you - inside and out. Reline Done Right™


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Salvage failing structures and eliminate the time, cost and safety problems of complete replacement with our systems. Contech's portfolio includes a full array of rehab/reline products for culverts, sanitary and storm sewers.
Even if it's an emergency, our bridges have proven records of success for bridge replacements.
Stop pollutants from entering your drainage system and control erosion at outfalls.
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