Commercial and Residential Solutions

Commercial and Residential Solutions

Contech offers solutions that are designed to help you differentiate your development, design and build faster, maximize the use of your land, and, as a result, save significantly in total installed cost.

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Even if it's an emergency, our bridges have proven records of success for bridge replacements.
Flowing water can cause significant erosion. Control it with our effective range of products.
Flexible options for directing storm flows where you need them to go.
Stop pollutants from entering your drainage system and control erosion at outfalls.
Provide access to pedestrians over streams and roadways using our aesthetic pedestrian bridges.
We have been providing high performance and superior quality pipe for gravity sewer projects since the 1960s.
Prevent erosion along shorelines and stream banks with our variety of effective options.
Provide pedestrians a safe passageway with our durable and aesthetic truss bridge structures.
Prevent movement and downslope erosion and provide support for grade changes with many of our products.
Use our products for durable and dependable storage containers on your site - from ammunition to salt to wine.
Meet your water quantity requirements with our metal, concrete, and plastic stormwater detention systems.
Recharge groundwater and meet LID design requirements by utilizing our subsurface infiltration systems.
We offer a breadth of solutions and materials to assure the ideal drainage plan for your particular challenge.
Cross streams and other environmentally sensitive areas with our reliable bridges and structures.
Salvage failing structures and eliminate the time, cost and safety problems of complete replacement with our systems. Contech's portfolio includes a full array of rehab/reline products for culverts, sanitary and storm sewers.
Eliminate dangerous intersections and allow traffic to move more freely with our suite of durable structures.
Our suite of stormwater treatment solutions can help you meet your local water quality requirements.
Case Stuides
Chatham Hall
Chatham Hall
Chatham, Virginia

Mile High Apartments
Mile High Apartments
Denver, Colorado

Steel Bender Brewyard
Steel Bender Brewyard
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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