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Professional Development Hours

Professional Development Series

The Professional Development Series is a unique chance to earn PDHs by reading specially focused, sponsored articles in CE News. By successfully participating, you may fulfill a portion of your continuing education requirements at no cost to you.

Contech Engineered Solutions publishes free PDH courses as a value added service to the engineering community.

To obtain PDH credits just read the Professional Development Series article and complete the quiz (you will be redirected to to take the online quiz). Your quiz answers will be graded automatically. If you answer at least 80 percent of the questions correctly, you can download a certificate of completion and will be awarded 1.0 professional development hour (equivalent to 0.1 continuing education unit in most states).

ZweigWhite is registered with the AIA Continuing Education System (CES) and is committed to developing quality learning activities in accordance with CES criteria. ZweigWhite is also registered with the Florida Board of Professional Engineers.

Note: It is the responsibility of the licensee to determine if this method of continuing education meets his or her governing board(s) of registration’s requirements.

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Current PDHs Articles (meet AIA CES requirements*)

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Low-Water Crossing Design & Use of Articulated Concrete Block

November 2012: By Barrie King, P.E.

Practical Factors Related to the Inspection, Evaluation and Load Rating of Installed Culverts

October 2012: By James R. Noll, P.E., Mitchell T. Hardert, P.E. and Joseph A. Dennis, Jr.

LRFD Implementation of Shallow Spread Footings for Bridge Structures

September 2012: By Jim Riseborough, P.E. and Steve Tysl, P.E

Specifying a Vehicular Prefabricated Steel Truss Bridge

August 2012: By Dennis L. Gonano, P.E., and James G. Bauer

Modeling Stormwater Runoff Reduction from Rainwater Harvesting

July 2012: By Greg Kowalsky, BSME, and Kathryn Thomason, P.E.

Archived PDH Articles*

* Check with your local governing board to see if reading these articles meet your state's PDH requirements


The Practical Differences in Material Properties of Flexible Pipe Products

December 2010: By Darrell Sanders, P.E. and Andrew Jenkins, E.I.

The Use of Corrugated Metal Pipe and Structural Plate for Aggregate Tunnel and Conveyor Enclosure Applications

December 2009: By Jim Noll, P.E.; Steve Tysl, P.E.; and Matt Westrich, P.E.,

Pipe Joints and Critical Performance Requirements

September 2009: By Darrell Sanders, P.E.,

Performance Characteristics of Profile Wall HDPE Drainage Pipes

June 2008: By Darrell Sanders, P.E.,

Bridges and Structures

Practical Considerations Related to the Use of Alternative Backfill Materials for Flexible Soil-interaction Structure Installation

July 2011: By Steve Tysl, P.E., and Jim Noll, P.E.

Design Considerations for Pedestrian Truss Bridge Structures

October 2011: By James G. Bauer, Steven Herth, P.E., and Adam Homelvig, P.E.

Siting Considerations for Open-Bottom Buried Precast Concrete Bridge Structures

November 2010: By Julia Frazier, P.E.,

Practical Factors and Considerations Related to Culvert Inspection

July 2010: By Jim Noll, P.E. and Bob Frascella, P.E.,

Rehabilitation and Relining of Culverts

September 2008: By Jim Noll, P.E., and Matt Westrich, P.E.,

Culvert Hydraulics: Basic Principals

December 2007: By Philip A. Creamer, P.E.,

Flexible Pipes for Culvert and Drainage Applications: Understanding Design and Performance Differences

July 2007: By Jim Noll, P.E.,

Erosion Control

Geosynthetics in Articulating Concrete Block Section Design

August 2011: By Matthew Stovall, P.E.; and Barrie King, E.I.T.

Articulated Concrete Block Design

August 2010: By Bryan N. Scholl; Christopher I. Thornton, Ph.D., P.E.; and Barrie King, E.I.T.,

Overtopping Flow Protection

August 2009: By Bryan N. Scholl, Christopher I. Thornton, Ph.D., P.E., and Barrie King, E.I.T.,

Scour in Bottomless Culverts

December 2008: By Bryan N. Scholl and Christopher I. Thornton, Ph.D., P.E.,

Revetment Design Considerations in Sheltered Water Wave Conditions

October 2007: By Christopher I. Thornton, Ph.D., P.E. and Richard Kane,


Cistern Design Considerations for Large Rainwater Harvesting Systems

September 2011: By Greg Kowalsky and Kathryn Thomason, P.E.,

Rainwater Harvesting and Re-Use:A Tool for Stormwater Runoff Reduction

September 2010: By Greg Kowalsky and Kathryn Thomason, P.E.,

Economic Optimization of Sustainable Subsurface Infiltration Systems

November 2009: By William G. Young, P.E.; Derek Berg; and Heather McCall, E.I.,

Designing For LID: An In-depth Look at Integrated Management Practices and Design Considerations

July 2009: By Jennifer Steffens, E.I., LEED-AP, and Denise Pinto, P.E.,

Stormwater Treatment and Onsite Infiltration- LID at the Core

August 2008: By Douglas E. Krause, P.E., and Vaikko P. Allen II, CPSWQ,

Evaluation of Stormwater Filtration Systems

May 2007: By James Lenhart, P.E.,

Designing Surface Water Runoff Controls for Paved Surfaces

December 2006: By Vanessa Hatcher, P.E., and Jim Noll, P.E.,