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Evaluation of Media-Based Stormwater Filtration Systems
April 2018: By James H. Lenhart, P.E., D.WRE; Vaikko Allen; and Jeremy Gray

Introduction To Designing Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) Stormwater Detention Systems
May 2017: By Gabe Weaver, P.E., and Pat Valentine, EIT

Recommendations for Bioretention Media Qualification
November 2016: By Mindy Hills,CPSWQ, James Lenhart, P.E., D.WRE, and Alex Macleod, P.E.


How to Design a Culvert Reline Project
June 2018: By Hugh B. Mickel, P.E., and Mitchell T. Hardert, P.E.

Understanding the Impact of Pipe Stiffness on Long-Term Deflections
March 2017: By Darrell J. Sanders, P.E.

Erosion Control

Designing Dam Embankments with Articulating Concrete Block Systems
February 2017: By Craig Seger, P.E., and Matthew Stovall, P.E.


Archived PDH Articles*

Online quizzes are not available for archived articles. Check with your local governing board to see if reading these articles meets your state's PDH requirements.


The Practical Differences in Material Properties of Flexible Pipe Products
December 2010: By Darrell Sanders P.E. and Andrew Jenkins E.I.

The Use of Corrugated Metal Pipe and Structural Plate for Aggregate Tunnel and Conveyor Enclosure Applications
December 2009: By Jim Noll P.E., Steve Tysl P.E. and Matt Westrich P.E.

Pipe Joints and Critical Performance Requirements
September 2009: By Darrell Sanders P.E.

Performance Characteristics of Profile Wall HDPE Drainage Pipes
June 2008: By Darrell Sanders P.E.

Bridges and Structures

LRFD Implementation of Shallow Spread Footings for Bridge Structures
September 2012: By Jim Riseborough P.E. and Steve Tysl P.E

Specifying a Vehicular Prefabricated Steel Truss Bridge
August 2012: By Dennis L. Gonano P.E. and James G. Bauer

Practical Factors Related to the Inspection Evaluation and Load Rating of Installed Culverts
October 2012: By James R. Noll P.E. Mitchell T. Hardert P.E. and Joseph A. Dennis, Jr.

Practical Considerations Related to the Use of Alternative Backfill Materials for Flexible Soil-interaction Structure Installation
July 2011: By Steve Tysl P.E. and Jim Noll P.E.

Design Considerations for Pedestrian Truss Bridge Structures
October 2011: By James G. Bauer, Steven Herth P.E. and Adam Homelvig P.E.

Siting Considerations for Open-Bottom Buried Precast Concrete Bridge Structures
November 2010: By Julia Frazier P.E.

Practical Factors and Considerations Related to Culvert Inspection
July 2010: By Jim Noll P.E. and Bob Frascella P.E.

Rehabilitation and Relining of Culverts
September 2008: By Jim Noll P.E. and Matt Westrich P.E.

Culvert Hydraulics: Basic Principals
December 2007: By Philip A. Creamer P.E.

Flexible Pipes for Culvert and Drainage Applications: Understanding Design and Performance Differences
July 2007: By Jim Noll P.E.

Erosion Control

Low-Water Crossing Design & Use of Articulated Concrete Block
November 2012: By Barrie King P.E.

Geosynthetics in Articulating Concrete Block Section Design
August 2011: By Matthew Stovall P.E. and Barrie King E.I.T.

Articulated Concrete Block Design
August 2010: By Bryan N. Scholl, Christopher I. Thornton Ph.D. P.E. and Barrie King E.I.T.

Overtopping Flow Protection
August 2009: By Bryan N. Scholl, Christopher I. Thornton Ph.D. P.E. and Barrie King E.I.T.

Scour in Bottomless Culverts
December 2008: By Bryan N. Scholl and Christopher I. Thornton Ph.D. P.E.

Revetment Design Considerations in Sheltered Water Wave Conditions
October 2007: By Christopher I. Thornton Ph.D. P.E. and Richard Kane


Modeling Stormwater Runoff Reduction from Rainwater Harvesting
July 2012: By Greg Kowalsky BSME and Kathryn Thomason P.E.

Cistern Design Considerations for Large Rainwater Harvesting Systems
September 2011: By Greg Kowalsky and Kathryn Thomason P.E.