Ridge Boulevard/Third Avenue

Brooklyn, New York
New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT)
Urbitran Associates
Yonkers Contracting
Technical Description:
  • Span: 54-ft.
  • Rise: 17-ft. 20-ft.
  • Length: 78-ft.
September 2000

This project called for the total replacement of two aging masonry arches built in the 1920s. The bridges are located at Ridge Boulevard and Third Avenue, both of which cross over Shore Road Drive - the tail end of the Belt Parkway. The BEBO® arch system was selected in lieu of cast-in-place concrete. While the pre-engineered BEBO system had been utlized worldwide and approved by many DOTs including Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York State; this was a first for the NYCDOT.

A custom fascia was used for the wingwalls and spandrel walls. A pigmented concrete and an ashlar stone pattern formliner replicates the stone pattern of the original structure.


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