Pfizer Global Development Building

New London, Connecticut
Pfi zer, Inc.
Haley and Aldrich Geotechnical Engineering
Blakeslee Arpaia Chapman, Inc
Technical Description:
  • Products Used:
  • HEL-COR® Pile Shell

The Pfizer Global Develpment Building site was littered with obstacles. It stood at the mouth of the Thames River with 30 to 50 feet of sand cobbles and fill below. There was also the danger of hitting old buried Navy ships. Early on it was determined that ”steel boots” would be required for the pile shell while driving through the tougher areas.

Approximately 85,000 to 90,000 linear feet of mandrel driven piles were installed. The strength of Contech Pile Shell was not questioned when both h-pile and pipe pile failed when driven in the same area.


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