Cornia Drive

South Weber, Utah
Pipe Reline
Utah Department of Transportation
Utah Department of Transportation
Technical Description:
Product: A2™ Liner Pipe 18-in. diameter

After UDOT ran a 24-ft. gravity irrigation line under the new mountain road in South Weber, Utah, they discovered that it ran 10-ft. of head - and it leaked. The expense and traffic detour problems to replace the line would be significant.

An 18-ft. Contech A2 Liner pipe with a smooth (.0009 mannings “n”) interior and flush bells was slipped through the existing line and grouted into place. It was done quickly and economically, with no traffic disruptions - and no leaks.

A2 Liner provides a tremendous cost savings over cured-in-place pipe—up to 50% depending on the installation. Relining with A2 Liner eliminates costly bypass operations because normal flow is maintained. Additionally, sliplining with A2 Liner gives you a new pipe with direct-bury strength of 46 psi stiffness—which means it doesn’t depend on the host pipe for long-term structural performance as cured-in-place liners do. Plus, the double-wall design provides extra stiffness for improved shape-control during installation and grouting”


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