Chesley Hill Road

Rochester, New Hampshire
City of Rochester
CPM Constructors
Technical Description:
  • Span: 23 ft - 8 in
  • Rise: 9 ft - 3 in
  • Length: 90 ft
  • Product: AluminumBox Culvert
August 2007

Chesley Hill Road was washed out when a culvert was overtopped during an extreme flood event in May 2006. The original structure had much less flow area and lacked end treatments that could have protected the roadway embankment from scour.

The City of Rochester, with the assistance of consulting engineer Wright-Pierce, selected an Aluminum Box Culvert to replace the undersized and much shorter culvert that was installed in the 1980s. The new structure provides increased capacity to pass the larger storms without overtopping and enables a safer roadway alignment.

Also, proper end treatments were utilized with Contech Aluminum Structural Plate headwalls and wingwalls and PVC coated gabion baskets to channel the stream into the box, protecting the roadway embankment.  

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