Lakeshore & Najacht Road Reline

Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Reline / Rehabilitation
Sheboygan County
Sheboygan County
Sheboygan County
Technical Description:
  • Product: Smooth Cor™ Polymer-Coated Corrugated Steel Pipe, 14 GA outer shell, 18 GA smooth inner liner
  • Length: 38 LF (2 runs)
  • Diameter: 74-inch
June 2014

In Sheboygan County, Wisconsin a galvanized pipe had been installed under the intersection of Lakeshore Road and Najacht Road in an environment outside of the recommended resistivity (ohm-cm) ranges for galvanized metallic coatings. Given this environment, the existing pipe experienced rapid deterioration most noticeably in the invert and was in need of either replacement or structural repair.

As the highway above was one of the main roads running through Sheboygan County, the county was inclined to look into structural repairs rather than expensive open trench methods that would require road closures and detours. They consulted with Contech representatives to come up with alternate solutions. Ultimately, Smooth Cor™ polymer-coated double-wall corrugated steel pipe manufactured by Contech was chosen to reline the host pipe. It provided the necessary structural integrity needed during the installation process as well as the required hydraulics and service life the County desired for a fully structural repair. Smooth Cor is fabricated from polymer coated galvanized steel coils meeting AASHTO M246 specification.

Upon arrival to the site, the pipe was pulled into the host pipe by the County and grouted into place. They were able to keep a single lane of traffic open during the entire construction process which provided great cost-savings as well as little impact to the traffic along the busy highway above.

Sheboygan County's Surveyor and Highway Engineer, Edgar Harvey, Jr. RLS/SE commented, “Relining this structure avoided conflicts with a sanitary siphon, a gas main, and other utilities which run under the existing concrete aprons. It saved the expense of replacing the apron-headwalls and allowed traffic to move through the site in at least one lane throughout construction. The construction period was greatly shortened. Environmental considerations were reduced, making permitting easier. We expect many added years of service from the rehabilitated structure.”

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