Oregon Local Resources

Dan Gancher
Sales Engineer
Cell: 503-758-6053
Email: DGancher@conteches.com

Products Serviced:Northwest Oregon

Andy Clark
Sales Engineer
Cell: 208-220-8684
Email: aclark@conteches.com

Brett Fair
Sales Engineer
P.O. Box 460
Elmira, OR 97437
Phone: 541-935-0600
Cell: 541-520-8090
Fax: 541-935-0616
Email: BFair@conteches.com

Service Area: Central/Western Oregon and Johnson Industries in California and all Oregon Distribution

Greg Robbins
Sales Engineer
Phone: 509-492-1341
Email: grobbins@conteches.com

Service Area: Northeastern Oregon and Central Washington

Matt Houser
Bridge Consultant
Cell: 503-784-5026
Email: MHouser@conteches.com

Sig Fransen
Stormwater Consultant
Cell: (503) 807-2322
Email: SFransen@conteches.com

Service Area: Oregon

Clayton Fawcett
Area Manager - Armortec
Phone: 970-290-2971
Email: CFawcett@conteches.com

Daniel Niederberger
Inside Truss Consultant
5 Sierra Gates Plaza Suite 390
Roseville, CA 95678
Cell: 916-990-7594
Email: DNiederberger@conteches.com