Ohio Local Resources

Joe Sommer
Sales Engineer
1103 Schrock Rd, Suite 105
Columbus, OH 43229
Phone: 614-846-2343
Cell: 614-477-1171
Fax: 614-429-1774
Email: JSommer@conteches.com

Service Area: Central and Southeast OH

Nick Rein
Sales Engineer
Cell: 440-985-8007
Email: NRein@conteches.com

Service Area: Northern Ohio

Mike D'Agostino
Inside Bridge Consultant
Phone: 513-645-7118
Cell: 513-265-1243
Email: MDAgostino@conteches.com

Service Area: Il, IN, KY, MI, Eastern MO, OH, TN, WI

Patrick Herl
Bridge Consultant
1103 Schrock Road, Suite 105
Columbus, OH 43229
Phone: 614-310-8770
Cell: 614-226-8893
Email: PHerl@conteches.com

Service Area: Central and Northern Ohio

Bill Waller
Bridge Consultant
Cell: 614-325-3010
Email: WWaller@conteches.com

Service Area: Southern Ohio, Kentucky

Samantha Brown
Stormwater Consultant
Phone: 859-321-5825
Email: SBrown@conteches.com

Barrie King
Area Manager - Armortec
9025 Centre Point Drive
West Chester, OH 45069
Phone: 513-645-7241
Cell: 513-320-2010
Fax: 513-645-7993
Email: BKing@conteches.com

Chris Pittman
Area Manager - Military
Phone: 770-409-0814
Email: CPittman@conteches.com

Dennis Brever
Inside Truss Consultant
Phone: 320-345-9337
Email: DBrever@conteches.com

John Kanzlemar
Area Manager – DuroMaxx & PVC
Cell: 513-320-0268
Email: JKanzlemar@conteches.com