Mississippi Local Resources

William Brantley
Sales Engineer
Phone: 601-715-4354
Email: WBrantley@conteches.com

Justin Gosa
Sales Engineer
1811 Birch Post Cove
Germantown, TN 38138
Phone: 573-380-3994
Cell: 573-380-3994
Fax: 877-664-4352
Email: jgosa@conteches.com

Service Area: West Tennessee and North Mississippi

Robert Chandler
Bridge Consultant
Cell: 615-969-6925
Email: RChandler@conteches.com

Service Area: Mississippi, Louisiana

Damola Ashaye
Stormwater Consultant
Cell: 281-202-4405
Email: DAshaye@conteches.com

Service Area: Houston Area, East Texas, LA, and MS

Peter Gallo
Area Manager - Armortec
Phone: 813-294-5913
Email: PGallo@conteches.com

Chris Pittman
Area Manager - Military
Phone: 770-409-0814
Email: CPittman@conteches.com

Courtney Smith
Inside Truss Consultant
Phone: 320-345-9142
Email: CSmith@conteches.com

Kevin Gassaway
Area Bridge Director
Phone: 512-750-0398
Email: KGassaway@conteches.com