Stream and Wildlife Crossings

Stream and Wildlife Crossings

Roadways and walking paths often must cross over streams, wetland, and other sensitive environments. Additionally construction of highways and roadways can disrupt natural walking and migration path for a variety of wildlife. Crossings for wildlife can be constructed either above or below highways to facilitate safe crossing. Long clear spans and small footprints let you cross environmentally sensitive areas and wetlands with little or no impact on the environment. 

Precast Bridges for Stream and Wetland Crossings

When environmental factors are a consideration, CON/SPAN O-Series and B-Series provide a natural choice because they offer clear spans from 12 to 65 feet with small footprints that minimize intrusion into natural areas. BEBO offers strength and stability, resulting in the largest precast arch spans available, allowing minimal impact to natural areas.

Structural Plate for Stream and Wildlife Crossings

Our Structural Plate products can be used for fish passages and wildlife crossings. The ability of Structural Plate products to span the delineated area reduces the need for permitting and allows for quick installation.

Truss Bridges for Stream and Wetland Crossings

Longer clear spans minimize the use of piers or immediate supports. Therefore Continental pedestrian bridges and our Steadfast vehicular structures are an ideal solution for crossing sensitive areas and wetlands with little or no impact on the environment. Lack of piers also leads to improved hydraulic efficiency.