Shoreline Protection

Shoreline Protection

The movement of water can cause erosion along stream banks and shoreline, and increase flow or wave action caused by storms and flooding can make erosion more severe. Our systems offer permanent solutions for anchoring soil in place. 

Armortec Solutions for Shoreline and Stream Bank Protection

The A-Jacks, ArmorFlex, and ArmorLoc systems offer permanent solutions to streambank erosion by armoring the area of maximum scour. These systems also promote native vegetation for a natural enhancement.

Turf Reinforcement Mats for Stream Bank Protection

Permanent turf reinforcement enhances vegetation's natural ability to filter soil particles and prevent soil loss during storm events. Our 3-D systems remain a permanent part of your application, anchoring mature plants to the soil for superior, long-term erosion resistance.

Anchor Wall for Shoreline Protection

Our Anchor Wall system is the first all-steel approach to construction of shoreline walls. It gives you all the components needed to design for structural adequacy and efficiency. Compared to conventional bulkheads, Anchor Wall offers unique economies and aesthetics—maximum strength-to-weight ratio, design flexibility, best corrosion protection for freshwater applications, specially designed trim and stiffening members for concealing fasteners and more.