Scour Prevention

Scour Prevention

Scour occurs when sediment is removed from around bridge abutments or piers. Caused by swiftly moving water, it can scoop out scour holes and compromise the integrity of the structure, sometimes causing failure. Our innovative systems help prevent it. 

A-Jacks for Bridge Scour Countermeasures

The A-Jacks system can dissipate energy and resist the erosive forces of flowing water, protecting channel boundaries from scour and erosion. Extensive laboratory research was performed on both model and full scale units in order to evaluate the hydraulic properties of the A-Jacks units. When the concrete armor units are installed along bridge abutments and downstream along the side of the water way, the toe is protected, the slope is stabilized, and the bridge is protected.

ArmorFlex and A-Jacks for Pier Scour Protection

ArmorFlex and A-Jacks are accepted pier scour countermeasures according to Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) guidelines. These highly engineered systems provide a maximum factor of safety to critical structures.