Sanitary Sewer

Sanitary sewer pipe carries sewerage from houses and industry to a treatment facility. For subdivisions, collector lines, commercial sites, and sewer expansions, Contech has been providing high performance and superior quality pipe for gravity sewer projects since the early 1960s. 

A-2000 for Sanitary Sewers

Comparable to PVC SDR-35, A-2000 offers superior strength and performance at a tremendous value.

TRUSS PIPE for Sanitary Sewers

When you’re looking for pipe strength on a demanding sewer project, TRUSS PIPE is the solution. Compared in strength to pipes like Ductile Iron and C-900, TRUSS PIPE offers strength, durability, and reliability at a fraction of the cost.

DuroMaxx for Sanitary Sewers

DuroMaxx provides real answers that help make your job easier. Outstanding performance and value are clearly evident when comparing DuroMaxx RCP, HDPE, Polypropylene, PVC and fiberglass pipe. Providing predictable, high strength for deep covers, shape and deflection control. Joint tightness meets initial testing requirements and long-term infiltration / exfiltration needs. It is resistant to corrosive effluent, and smooth inner walls allow for minimum slope designs and longer runs.

Solid Wall Plastic Pipe for Sanitary Sewers

Contech Solid Wall Plastic Pipes provide ease of construction, hydraulic efficiency, corrosion and chemical resistance, and watertight joints. This makes them ideal for building durable drainage and sewer systems.

Case Stuides